What would you take for Mark Kotsay?


At this point in the season, it is hard to say that a guy is worthless……so let’s give him some value.  Kotsay is currently batting .212 with 2 RBI’s and no HR’s.

Earlier this week I posed this question to my writing staff, “What would you take for Mark Kotsay?”  Their responses are startling, yet somehow perfect.  We each picked 5 things that we thought would be fair trades in exchange for Mark Kotsay.  After reading ours, please feel free to add some of your own in the comments section.

What would Joe take for Mark Kotsay

1)  1 bottle of stadium sauce from Miller Park

2)  tank of gas for my SUV (not sure if I could get a full tank with gas     being $4/gallon)

3)  cd of Mark Attanasio singing the National Anthem

4)  being hit on the head with a falling brick at Wrigley Field(the Cubs Suck)

5)  3 legged blind dog named Lucky


What would Colin take for Mark Kotsay

1)  A Nintendo64 with at least 1 controller (games to named later)

2)  Mark Kotsay’s weight in M&M’s

3)  Mario Mendoza (at least he hit .215)

4)  Sarah Palin

5)  A case of warm Hamm’s Premium Beer


What would I take for Mark Kotsay

1)  A 1993 Fleer Ultra Pat Listach signed rookie card

2)  A copy of “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey” soundtrack

3)  $5 worth of powerball tickets (my odds would be better at landing a winner)

4)  An Abe Lincoln style tophat

5)  VHS copy of ‘Purple Rain’  starring Prince


     I would love to see what you would take in place of Kotsay.  So please, leave us some of your ideas in the comments section. 

     Tonight the Brewer start their home stand against the Houston Astros.  Yovani Gallardo will take the mound against some guy named Figueroa who has a 7.31 ERA this season.  This will be a 3 game series, followed by the Reds coming to town on Monday.

     It sounds like our favorite multiple personality Nyjer Morgan/Tony Plush, is going to be spending some time on the DL with that thigh bruise.  Tom Haudricourt heard that maybe Brandon Boggs would fill his spot on the roster.  That would sure make me happy!!!

     Well, I love the Ryan Braun contract.  In this day and age it is almost impossible for one guy to be with the same team his entire career.  This deal lets me know that Brewers management wants to win, even without Fielder.  Braun is a “Brewers guy”, hard working and strong.  Plus now he is going to get paid and he has earned it.  Congrats Brauny, RtB could not be happier for you.

     That’s it for now.  Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your Friday.  Don’t forget to tell us what you think Mark Kotsay’s trade value is!!!!