Two in a row…that’s called a “winning streak”


If only the Brewers could play exclusively at Miller Park.  So far this season, they have had no problem scoring runs in the friendly confines of Brew City, USA.  At home, they are 10-5 on the season and on the road they are a vomit inducing 6-15.

After a quick 8 run outburst last night by our beloved Crew, I slowly watched Marcum get blasted in the 6th and 7th innings.  Eventually an 8 run lead dwindled all the way down to a 2 run lead with runners on first and third in the Top of the 9th.  Thankfully, Axford was able to slam the door shut on the Southern California Dads, which gave the Brewers an 8-6 victory.

With the win last night, the Brewers have already won this series!!  A win today would pull them within 3 games of .500 and set them up for another series win against our perpetual punching bags, the Pittsburgh Johnny Depp’s.

While the last two nights have been great, there are still some glaring problems.  Primarily, base running, base running, and base running.

Last night I watched a 2-run single turn into a double play.  This team is not in any position to be sacrificing base runner’s, especiallywith no outs.  Gomez catches a lot of flack for his base running, but I see Lucroy making stupid decisions just as often.  Last night was no exception.  With no outs, you do not make the first out at third base and the second out trying to stretch a single into a double.  Talk about a rally killer.  I do not recall what inning this, “I Love Lucy” episode took place in, but I do recall it being very early (3rd or 4th inning).  The play at third was just a casualty of war, but there was no reason for Jon to be gunning it for second base in that situation.  Aggressive does not mean stupid RR.

The bullpen is starting to have some injury issues arise, which is causing several guys to pitch almost everyday and it is clearly taking a toll on them.  Kameron Loe is the prime example.  Kam has made 19 appearances this season already, which is 4 more than any other member of this pitching staff.  In his last few outings he has looked tired, walking batters is always the first sign of fatigue from a bullpen guy and Kam has been walking guys all over the place.  Shawn Green was another guy who just got over worked.  He had worked in 14 games, before being sent down to Nashville last week.  LaTroyHawkins has only been back with the team since the last week in April, and he has already pitched in 7 games.  By the end of the season, some of these guys are going to be laying face down in a pool of slobber and Gatorade…oh, I’m sorry G-Series(we can’t call it Gatorade anymore).

     Well, I need to wrap this up before today’s game starts.  Randy Wolf will be taking the hill against Tim Stauffer.  I don’t know much about the Padres pitcher, other than his family makes delicious animal crackers.   Wolf’s last outing was by far his worst of the year, but he has been so good for most of the season that I think he will come out fired up.  He does have tough acts to follow, Greinke and Marcumwhere both terrific the past two nights.  If I am Wolf, my goal is a 10K no-hitter.  Then again, I would probably take 6.2 innings and 3 runs.   

     For those of you who were worried about that cemetery plot I bought in my soul for this seasons team, I have great news.  I talked to the property owner, and he said that my down payment is fully refundable.  So at least I have that going for me.  Nothing would please me more than to ask for that deposit back. 

     A sweep today is just what the doctor ordered…seriously, my doctor said that if the Brewers don’t sweep today I may never be able to get rid of my ulcers from last week.  Let’s send out he good vibes and hope that this next leap, is the leap home.