Where could Fielder go?


Now, I know that the Brewers just won 5 out of 6 on this last home stand.  I also know that as of this moment, they are not “out” of the playoff hunt.  This is not an article about them trading Fielder.  This is nothing more than me trying to look at some possible suitors.  I really do not want to see them trade Fielder, but it is something we have ALL been wondering about for the past year and a half.  Wally, Brewers Super-Fan, has been asking me about it all weekend.  So, I did a little thinking and prospecting.  Then came up with some places that Fielder might land if the team can’t win on the road.

I am going to approach this as a father picking someone for his daughter to date.  (Sorry Prince, you are the young lady in this equation.)  They have to be worthy of my special gal.  This is not just a gentlemen caller(prospects), it is someone who could potentially be around my home.  On a regular basis.  This decision involves me too.  The family unit (all of us) could be dealing with a real jerk, which would throw our world into utter chaos and anarchy.  I have seen Teen Mom…Do you want Prince to be like those girls?!?!?!  Do you!!!!!!!!!

Let’s say hi, to the suitors…

Tampa Bay Rays The Rays play in the same division as Mark Teixiera and Adrian Gonzalez.  So, having a slugging 1st baseman is kind of important.  To date they have not really settled on any one first baseman.  Currently the Rays are strolling out Dan Johnson, Johnny Damon, and Casey Kotchman.  And let’s be real for a second, that farm system is lush with talent.  They are pumping out MLB studs year after year.  One prospect they have that I covet, is a left hander named Matt Moore (a little generic for our team).  Last year in Single-A, he struck out 208 batters in 144 innings.  He had a 6-11 record, but his ERA was 3.36.  A very young, very talented left handed pitcher.  Moore is the type of player you could land in a Prince Fielder trade, you might even get a middle infielder or two.

The Downside: We could have to watch Fielder win a World Series ring at the end of…is it November now? That still feels weird.  That would be a throat sized pill to swallow.

Baltimore OriolesYou may scoff at this, but they are only 4 games out of first place in the AL East.  The Birds have some good young pitchers and some nice position players.  They currently have ex-Cub Derrek Lee spackled in at First Base, so you know they are looking to upgrade.  This is a team that Prince would definitely give a nice jolt.  Him hitting in Camden Yard would be kind of sweet for a few months.  You and I both know that Fielder would be a “rent-a-player” for the Orioles though.  They just don’t have the green he is looking for.  Recently the Orioles drafted a guy named Manny Machado, he is really good.  They will not trade him to us.  Not sure why I even brought it up.  Oh, that’s right.  Machado was their first pick of last years draft, he was ranked by Baseball America as their #1 prospect…already.  Seems to be a little draught in Maryland.  Not much going on for the future in Baltimore.

The Downside: The Brewers might get the raw end of that trade no matter how it works out.  Plus we would always call them, ” the stupid Orioles we got for Fielder”.  There is no way they could live up to the expectations.

Oakland A’sThe NL West is not as good as the Rangers may have lead us to believe.  The A’s have terrific pitching, per usual.  They just have no fire power.  If you follow this link, you can look at their lineup…I wouldn’t.  It’s really bad.  Daric Barton is the name of their first baseman.  Barton is batting .213 with 0 HR’s and 9 RBI’s.  This is a natural fit for Fielder.  However, the A’s have never been known as buyers.  Generally they associate with the selling.  I picked the A’s because of a young SS named Grant Green.  This guy is one of the top prospects the A’s have and he is at a position of great need for us.  Our system is completely vacant of middle infield talent.  Green is the kind of guy we could plug in to Triple-A and let him grow.  But if we get him, we take a junker or two.  Green has hit over .300 at every level of minor league ball.  This season he will be starting in Double-A ball.  This deal makes some sense, mostly for us…but I never said I was going to be unbiased about this.  I admit it, I covet Grant Green.

The Downside:  Oakland has had the best minor league system since before I was on this earth.  Yet, they never retain talent.  They are the quicker shipper picker upper (it makes sense to me).  I doubt that they will even call about Fielder.

San Francisco Giants – The World Series Champs can not score runs.  Fielder can help with that.  One thing the Giants can not afford to over look, they are in a division with the Rockies.  The Rockies are the streakiest team in the history of baseball.  Every year it seems like they are going on a 2 month tear to make the playoffs.  If I am Giants management, I am more than willing to rent Fielder for the opportunity to repeat as Champs.  The Giants also happen to have a surplus of talented SS’s (too many S’s).  Ehire Adrianza or Dan Runzler are both fascinating options.  Adrianza has had some injury problems, but he is 21 years old with 6 years in professional baseball systems.  That sounds good to me, but maybe it shouldn’t.  Dan Runzler is a left hander with a really nice fastball and smooth slider.

The Downside: Well, watching Prince Fielder win a title somewhere else would hurt.  But aside from that, this deal would make the most sense.  The Giants might even be willing to pay Prince for helping them win another title.  Playing where Bonds played…weird

Honorable Mention:  Atlanta Braves, Seattle Mariners, Chicago White Sox, and Florida Marlins

This is a very selfish list.  I make no apologies for that.  These are places I would not mind him going.  I couldn’t bring myself to imagine him

playing for the Cubs or the Yankees.  Isn’t it bad enough that I have to look at CC in that played out pinstripe jumpsuit!!!!!  Ahhhhh.  Some of the prospects I discussed are worth a good hard look and I have no doubt that the Brewers are 10 steps ahead of me.

Over the next few weeks, this is going to be a popular topic.  Get used to it.  I am kicking it off right now.  The odds are pretty high that it will not stop until All-Star Weekend.  If you hate my thoughts.  Please feel free to express your disgust in the comments section.  Or perhaps, you think I am really on to something.  Let me know.  This should be something we are all willing to talk about openly and freely.

For those of you taking a late night sneak peak, as this is being posted the Brewers are up 2-1 through 6 innings.  Shaun Marcum is steam-rolling the Dodgers lineup.  Good night everybody.