Roenicke finally moves Gomez to bottom of lineup


For weeks, Brewer nation has been calling for the team to move Carlos Gomez out of the #2 position in the batting lineup.  Mark this date on your calendars, May the 17th in this year of our Lord 2011, Carlos Gomez shall be batting…8th in tonight’s series finale against the Los Angeles Bankroll Dodgers.  Maybe it was the sad batting average, or the fact that he has stranded at least 2 runners on base in almost every home game this season.  Neither of those things must have been as painful for Roenicke to swallow, as watching Gomez strike out with the bases loaded and with runners on 1st and 3rd base last night.

Now the team as a whole, is pathetic at driving in runner’s from scoring position.  However, last night was just pathetic.  Gomez gets up with the bases loaded, all that pressure and excitment.  Strikes out swinging at a ball that hit the dirt about 10 feet before it even made it to the plate.  Then later in the game, while fighting to hold on to a 1 run lead, Gomez steps to the plate with runners at the corners…and strikes out…again.  In last nights game alone, Gomez left 8 runners on base.  He dwarfed McGehee’s 6, and let’s face it no one is better at leaving guys on base right now, than Casey McGehee.

This move was more overdue than that copy of “The Complete Works of Henrik Ibsen” I stole from my college library in 2004.  Corey Hart will assume the role of sandwich guy, between Weeks and Braun.  Over the last few games Hart has started to find his swing and I think Coach Ron sees that.  The big question is, how will Gomez take this demotion?  You know what, I don’t care.  The only reason he still gets to start everyday is because of his glove.  Batting in the 8 spot, he can strikeout as much as he wants.  Go nuts Go-Go.

On a much sader note, famed Minnesota Twin Harmon Killebrew passed away this morning.  He faught his esophageal cancer as long as he could and then checked himself into hospice care, where he died peacefully surrounded by his loved ones.  Arguably the greatest athlete to come out of the state of Idaho.  My heart goes out to his friends, families, and all Twins fans.  Men like him do not come along very often, we have to enjoy them while we can.

Let’s all hope that Randy Wolf does not go out there and choke the chicken tonight.  Let’s face it, anything will be better than the crap flung at home plate last time.

Tomorrow I will have anice series wrap-up for you to read over.  Look for it around the noon hour (CST of course).