Last night I watched another wasted effort by Randy Wolf.  I have said it befor..."/> Last night I watched another wasted effort by Randy Wolf.  I have said it befor..."/> Last night I watched another wasted effort by Randy Wolf.  I have said it befor..."/>

Brewers bats continue to suck on the road


Last night I watched another wasted effort by Randy Wolf.  I have said it before and I will say it again, “HE CAN’T DO ANY BETTER THAN THIS!!!!”   He gave up 2 runs in the very 1st inning and we never scored…at all.  The Dodgers prevailed, 3-0.  That moves our season shutout total to 4, all of them have come on the road.  This team will never get over the .500 mark if they can not produce on the road.

The Brewers were able to split the series with the Dodgers, but I am not quite sure how.  In 2 games, the two teams combined for 6 runs.  Last night the Dodgers scored half of those 6, in a 3-0 victory.  On the series , the Brewers went 2-for-23 with runners in scoring position.  Carlos Gomez and Casey McGehee accounted for at least half of those wasted opportunities.  But no one on this roster was without some blame.  I even watched Braun and Fielder squander opportunities to knock in runs.  This can not stand any longer.

I am not telling you anything that you don’t already know.  The Brewers road bats being made out of bulsa wood is nothing new.  This team is absolutely pathetic whilst away from Miller Park.  The thing that is really frustrating about all of this, is that they have plenty of opportunities to score in each and every game.

In the first game of this series, they won by scoring 2 runs.  Which is fine, accept for the part where they had 14 runners in scoring position over the course of the game.  Shaun Marcum was terrific in this game and deserved to get the win.  It could just as easily have turned into a loss though.  I feel like I am just repeating myself over and over again, “YOU CAN NOT WIN GAMES IF YOU DO NOT SCORE ANY RUNS!!!!!”  This is day one of T-Ball type stuff guys.

With the way our team is built, there is no reason for Randy Wolf to be 3-4.  He has only had 2 bad outings this season, and one of those he got a ND for.  So that means we have lost 3 quality starts from him to date.  How do you face that guy in the dugout?  How can you look him in the eyes over the next 5 days?  Did Wolf wrong this lineup at some point?  Are they just out for revenge of some kind?  Is it perhaps an inside joke?  Hahahaha, let’s let Randy throw a really good game against his former team and then we will just swing at garbage pitches so no runs score.  Wow, I guess it’s one of those, “you had to be there” inside jokes.  Therefore, it is not funny to any of the hundreds of thousands of Brewers fans in this country.  So cut it out, jerks!!

It is safe to say at this point, I am upset.  Part of me is glad that we even got a split, but the other 99% of me knows that there is no logical reason that we should not have swept this 2-game baby series.

Watching the Brewers and Dodgers play, is like looking into a mirror.  Neither one of these teams seems to be able to manufacture runs.  They both strike out at an alarming rate.  The only real difference, is that the Dodgers capitalize on their few opportunities to score runs.  Meanwhile, our boys, have plenty of opportunities to score runs, but would rather play on the mokey bars or go down the slide instead.

Tonight we start another mini-series with the San Diego Pappa’s.  We had some pretty good outings against them last week, but that was in Miller Park.  Plus, there was the 8 runs they scored in the 8th inning of game 3 to avoid the sweep.  Don’t think that rampage is not still fresh in their minds.

     Hey, if you love mustaches as much as I do, make sure to check out the Hall of Very Good.  Especially tomorrow.  I will remind you then too.  You might see something very familiar to this website.  If I tell you what it is, my buddy Shawn will probably have me killed.  Let’s just say that it involves facts of a certain mustached variety. 

Please feel free to vent your frustrations in the comment box below.  I know that they are only 2 games under .500, but it will continue to get worse as long as they continue to play away from Brew City.  Surely I am not the only one who is frustrated by this team.  Tell me about your angst and unaddressed rage.  I have no formal psychological training, but I can at least give you a shoulder to cry on.

Enjoy the rest of your hump day Cold-Filtered Nation!!!!