Brewers Closed Caption Contest – Actual Prize Involved!!!


Happy Thursday Brewskies and Brewskettes!!

Some of you may remember a few months back when we tried to do closed caption contests for fun.  Well, I wanted to try and make it better…so now there is an actual prize involved.  Since this contest is being funded and sponsored by yours truly, there are some ground rules;

1)  If you submit a caption, you must check in next week (either Thursday or Friday) to find out if you have won.  Because I will have no contact information for you, so if you want your prize you have to check back.

2)  Only the first 35 captions will be eligible to win the prize.  So this is also a contest of quick wits.

3)  The winner will be chosen by RtB staff.  So, when (if) Colin gets back from Vegas we will sit down and decide the top 3 choices.

4)  This is an all or nothing deal, if you get 3rd or 2nd place, you win nothing but some love on the site.  Only the caption deemed to be #1 will receive a prize.

5)  The winner will have two choices and while I can not tell you what they are now, I can assure you that both are valued in the neighborhood of $15.

6)  Anyone is eligible to win (accept RtB staff, family of staff is fair game but will not receive special treatment).

7)  Let’s try to keep the language to a minimum.  With this picture it is going to be hard, but try to imagine what your mother would say if she knew what you had written.  That should help.

8)  Scouts honor, only one entry per person.  I won’t know if you have entered more than once, but let’s not be like those dirty lawn gnome thieves.  Let’s all try and be better than those people.

Ok, so those are the rules.  Below you will find the picture.  Once you have come up with your caption, be sure and enter it into the “Comments” section for consideration.  Good Luck everyone!!!!