Jeremy Reed, We Hardly Knew Ye


Earlier today the Brewers decided to part ways with veteran utility man, Jeremy Reed. Reed is one of those guys that never should have been signed in the first place. Although he only played with us for a short time, his memory will live on for another couple of hours. The Brewer thought so little of Jeremy that they traded him for future considerations, which is basically nothing. What is most surprising is that the Twins were willing to give up anything, asides from maybe a Hanna Montana CD and a bag of Pop-Rocks. All of that aside, Jeremy Reed was a Brewers and now he is not.

I thought it only appropriate we take a few minutes to look back on the good times and reflect on all that Jeremy Reed meant to the Brewers.

…anyone? Anything to say about Jeremy Reed’s time in Milwaukee? Good, let’s talk about Ryan Braun being an absolute stud!!!

As I walked my dog this evening, I listened as the Brewers squandered a 3 run lead in Florida tonight. When the Crew relinquished the lead entirely, I began to wonder how they were going to pull this off. Then the Top of the 9th rolled around and Ryan Braun was available to pinch-hit…with a runner on base…that sounds like a recipe for victory to me. Bob Uecker new it. He must have said it like 30 times. If I could have charged him for everytime he mentioned that Brauny was available to pinch-hit during tonight’s broadcast, I could buy a minority stake of the Mets.

When Braun took that beautiful swing, there was not even a moments doubt where that ball was going to land. All 56 poeple in attendance at Miami Dolphins stadium looked on in disbelief. Braun has hit some big time home runs before, but this one was epic considering the teams complete inability to win on the road.  This was a game they had to win.  It was nice to see them come from behind, because we have not seen much of that until very recently.

John Axford walked the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th, just to make us sweat it out.  Then, in true mustache fashion, he struck out the final batter of the night.  The Brewers are now sitting at 31-26 on the season and 2 games behind the St. Louis Cardinals.

Now, I would like to address the lack of draft coverage.  This is my fault.  I have completely neglected the draft, but I promise you that I have something up my sleeve to wet your draft pallets.  Over the next 2 days, I will provide you with my wish list for the Brewers 12th and 15th pick in the first round.  Then you will get something special and new to RtB.  Which I am very excited about.

Tomorrow I leave for a much deserved vacation from my day job, but never from you my precious Brewskies.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Look for some draft articles when you get into your cubicles on Monday!!!