Steve Lucroy: The Luckiest Dad In the World


The Brewers went into the second day of the First Year Player Draft looking to gain depth in their pitching rotation and add whatever offensive power they could sneak in.

What they probably didn’t see coming was that they’d give one Florida father ultimate bragging rights with his buddies. That father’s name is Steve Lucroy.

Jonathan Lucroy was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in 2007; he quickly proved himself and made his way up to the big league club. Lucroy’s father is hoping for the same story with his younger son David Lucroy – the 29th pick for the Milwaukee Brewers.

David is a hard throwing righty with low 90’s heat and three other pitches to compliment. Right now he is committed to a scholarship at East Carolina University, but the family is going to sit down soon to discuss all of their options. I would have to think the idea of a sibling battery in the Major Leagues is very exciting for both David and Jonathan Lucroy.

Jonathan found out about his brother’s signing around the sixth inning of tonight’s game, and he said this to the Brewers website:

"“It’s pretty amazing — the thought that one day, maybe, if he decides to sign, that I’ll get to catch him, it’s cool for him. I know he used to come to all of my games when he was younger, and I haven’t gotten to go to his because I’ve been playing college and pro ball. He’s got a lot of potential. He works a lot harder than a lot of guys, I know that. He’s really locked in and focused for a guy his age. He’s a lot bigger than me, that’s for sure. He can’t hit anything, but he can throw it a mile.” – Jonathan Lucroy"

Boy, older brothers just can’t help getting a dig in can they? Reminds me of someone I know.

As for the Patriarch of the Lucroy family, I’m sure the shock of having two major league sons will not wear off any time this decade. Not to mention the fact that there’s not a father in the country who wouldn’t want to but this man a beer and learn his mystical secrets of creating an army of professional athletes.

Other Day 2 Draft News

Obviously David Lucroy wasn’t the only pick made by Milwaukee during Tuesday’s draft – in fact, he wasn’t even the only family connection drafted into the Brewers family.

Trent Boras – son of superagent Scott Boras – was the Brewers 30th round selection. Boras is a lefty Third Baseman who has a lot of raw talent both in the field and at the dish, and the Brewers seem to be pretty keen on him. I can’t help but think maybe Boras’s  son is some kind of shrewd move to keep Prince in Milwaukee. Well played, Milwaukee, well played indeed.

In truth, Trent will probably opt out of the Majors and honor his commitment to play ball at USC, but his older brother Shane is still in the mix and will probably be drafted in tomorrow’s rounds. I wonder who will represent them?

Other picks made by Milwaukee today include 14 – yes, 14 – pitchers. The one the Crew was most excited about was Jorge Lopez, who is considered to be Puerto Rico’s top pitching prospect. Despite the fact that he has only three years of pitching under his belt, he has crafted three decent pitches and Milwaukee scouts have gone on record saying he has excellent command and great presence of mind on the mound. If he develops the way the Brewers think he will, the team got a steal out of the 70th pick in the draft.

In regular baseball news, the Milwaukee Brewers Headlines flash back to 2007: “Capuano Pitches in Miller Park; Brewers Lose.”  Ironic, isn’t it?