This marks the 3rd time this season that I have said this, "Randy W..."/>     This marks the 3rd time this season that I have said this, "Randy W..."/>

Randy Wolf gets no run support, Brewers lose ugly game


This marks the 3rd time this season that I have said this, “Randy Wolf CAN NOT pitch better than this”.  Last night Randy threw 7 innings of shutout ball, but got not one run of offensive support.  This game was filled with coaching blunders.  They ranged from the starting lineup to a failed suicide squeeze with one out and the pitcher at the plate.  Most Brewers outlets this morning are blasting the decision to leave Km Loe in to face Carlos Pena, but that decision is not as concerning to me as the decision to start Kotsay and Nieves.  Kotsay started in center field and struck out 3 times, while Nieves got the start at catcher.    Two steamy turds in an unventilated port-o-potty.

Why is Nyjer Morgan not in the starting lineup? That question ran thru my head repeatedly last night.

Losing a game like this has to be deflating as a player.  The team demolished the division leading St. Louis Cardinals over the weekend, then went out and choked.  Prince Fielder was the only Brewer player to reach base twice, both via the walk.  After scoring 17 runs in three games over the weekend, it was hard for me to imagine a game like this.  None of this is the fault of the players.

What is it about Mark Kotsay that makes Roenicke love him so?  Also a question I wrestled with all night last night.  This team has two of the most exciting center fielder’s in the game today, yet Kotsay is the one getting the call last night.  Bad management.  Plain and simple.

Most Brewers writer’s are blaming the decision to keep Loe in the game to face Carlos Pena.  That of course, lead to a double and the game winning run.  To me, that series of events was inevitable.  The coach’s job is to put the best team on the field in order to win the game.  Ron Roenicke flat out did not do that.  In fact, this was by far the worst lineup I have seen this season.  You have a slumping McGehee STILL batting in the 5 spot, combined with Yuni Betancourt’s .228 batting average, followed by Wil Nieves and his stellar .140 batting average.  Mix that in with Kotsay batting 2nd and then add the pitcher’s spot (which usuall is at least 3 to 4 outs per game) and you have accumulated no less than 14-15 outs before the game has even begun.  That is half of your allowance for each game (27 outs per game).  The Brewers basically gave the game away before it even started.

Tonight we will get to see Yo Gallardo against Randy Wells.  Hopefully Yo bounces back from the pathetic performance he put up last Thursday, whilst I was in attendance.  No starting lineup has been announced just yet, but anything is going to be better than what they rolled out last night.  It would be very nice to see a solid bounce-back game.  The Crew needs to at least split this series, because if they don’t this weekend could knock them from first to third in the NL Central in the blink of an eye.  The Red Sox have won 9 in a row and are not taking any prisoners.

On a side note, if you are curious about the Brewers 12th pick overall,Taylor Jungmann, check out this article from Seedlings to Stars.  Gives you a terrific breakdown of what we can expect form this kid.  Sounds good to me!!

Let’s shake this one off and get after those stupid little baby bears.  Go Brewers!!!