Nieves and Braddock sent down, Kottaras and Herrera coming up


     Yesterday the Brewers made two moves, one was very necessary and the other one was just something that had to be done.  Lately I have really been questioning some of managements decisions, but both of these moves make sense at the moment.  Let’s look at the guys leaving us and the guys joining us in a segment I like to call; What Happened to you?/Oh, Hello!

What happened to you…

Wil Nieves –  You were never really good, so this is not surprising.  Somehow, you were able to put together a nice working relationship with Randy Wolf though.  Thanks to that, his pitching has flourished in the early part of the season.  However, you are a pathetic batter.  Throughout your career you have always been a better signal caller than a hitter.  I will never figure out why Brewers management thought your time in Milwaukee would be any different.  In fact, I never even thought you would make the roster!!  Here is my proof.  The article I just referenced is from December 14th, 2010.  Even at that point I knew you were not going to make it on this team.  Please Wil, do not accept your assignment to Nashville.  Swim in the pool of Free Agency my friend.

Zach Braddock – The man is tired people.  He was late getting to the ballpark for last night’s game.  The reasoning, he over slept.  This is nothing more than reality.  If I show up late to work because I over slept, I would have to suffer the consequences.  Thus the fate of ZB.  Braddock’s sleep disorder has really put the brakes on his career moving forward.  I think that he will be a terrific pitcher for us in the future, but he needs to work on counting those sheep before he can reach his true potential.  Hope to see you back soon Zzzzzzach!

Oh, Hello!

George Kottaras – You earned the right to re-join the major league club.  A batting average of .343 is going to put you at the top of the list when moves are being made.  In hind sight, you never should have been sent down in the first place.  At the time you were sent back to Nashville to make room for Lucroy, you were batting .269.  Which, for the record, is almost .130 better than Nieves.  The only concern I have for you is your relationship with Randy Wolf, because for some reason he does not jive with Lucroy.  If you can capture some of the magic Wolf and Nieves had together, you will probably stay with the Crew for the remainder of the season.  It’s nice to have you back. 

Danny Herrera –  I don’t believe I know you sir.  You were claimed off of waivers from the Reds on May 23rd.  In his 3 seasons with the Reds, he posted a 3.62 ERA in 92 innings of work.  Plus, the kid is a lefty.  Our bullpen needed another left handed arm, considering all of the injuries we have sustained in the pen.  May favorite thing about Danny, he is a staggering 5′ 6″.  I am fairly certain that he will be the smallest Brewer on the field over the next few days.  From what I understand, he is dominant aginst left-handed batters.  His call up could not have come at a better time, with the Red Sox just a day away we need someone who can handle lefties (Red Sox have Crawford, Big Papi, and Gonzalez who are all power lefties). 


This afternoon the Brew Crew will go after a split of the 4 game series with the Cubs.  Our boys have been lights out when Greinke is on the mound, so let’s just salvage what we can and move on to the next big test.  It was noce to see the bottom of the order do a little damage last night.  First time in a long time that they were even a factor.  Since we prevailed last night, 9-5, and the Cardinals lost, 10-0, we are back in sole possesion of 1st place again.  So let’s enjoy it for a few more hours.

Go Brewers!!!