Pujols goes on DL, just in time for a Brewers home stand


Early this morning I awoke to some devastating news.  No, it was not that famous ‘Jackass’ Ryan Dunn had died (although, I am a fan of his work).  Oh wait, did I say devastating news?  What I meant to say was, best wake-up call ever news!!!!  As I stood in the shower, I heard my wife open the bathroom door and sigh.  I opened the curtain and said, “What’s wrong sweetheart?”.  To which she replied, “No Pujols until the beginning of August”.  To me this was terrific news that defied the laws of baseball, but to my wife it meant no Pujols jokes for the next month and a half.  (Albert Pujols is the 1st baseman of the St. Louis Cardinals, arguably the greatest player of the past decade)

My wife does not care about sports.  What she does care about, is athlete’s names.  Her two favorite MLB players are, Albert Pujols and Doug Fister (Mariners starting pitcher).  Obviously, she likes them because of their, out of context, dirty natured last names.  My wife loves it when the Cardinals and Brewers play because she can chase me around the house with her index finger pointed at me saying “Pujols?” (that’s right, she makes it a question).  Her goal in this game, as you may have already guessed, is to threaten my Pujols!!  On a Fister note, my favorite moment of this entire baseball season so far; when the wife and I went to an M’s game a few weeks back and every time they announced Fister’s name she had to cover her face from laughter.  This is the sort of sports fan my wife is.  Loves Doug Fister and Albert Pujols.  Thank goodness she doesn’t know about Bastardo yet (Antonio Bastardo of the Phillies).

Why is this important?  This news has made my next 6 weeks even better than originally planned.  My softball league is rolling towards the playoffs in July, along with my birthday on the 16th, and a visit from the in-laws over 4th of July.  Now, not only will my Pujols be safe until after my birthday, but now the Crew has a golden chance to separate themselves from those dirty red birds.  From where I am sitting, this injury could not have come at a better time for every NL Central team.  As much as it pains me to say this, the Reds and Pirates are still in this race too.  If the Brewers were ever going to establish themselves from the rest of the division, the window has just been thrown open.

This 6 game home stand just became a little more important than it was just 24 hours ago.  Should the Brewers manage a 5-1 homestand, that should put them in a nice place to go back out on the road.  The key to this teams success right now, win every home game.  More games you win at home, equal the more room you give yourself for certain failure on the road.  The Rays and Twins are both playing excellent ball right now, but the Crew always figures it out when they are at Miller Park.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed.

     Sorry Cardinals fans, but I am loving your misfortune right now.  The Germans have a word for this, it’s Schadenfreude.  Right now, I am the king of Schadenfreude…just so long as all of Marcum’s tests come back negative today.  I will update you on Marcum once I know more.  Let’s all put on our blue and gold and root against the team that is so cool, they decided to change their mascot from a sea dwelling animal to…a character from Ghostbusters.  

Happy Monday everyone.  Go Brewers!!  Good luck tonight Narvs!!!