Milwaukee Brewers: Buy or Sell


This weeks guest:

Colin Bennett Colin is the Head Writer for Sports PR 101 (a Fansided joint) and is also a contributor for the greatest Brewers website in the whole world, Reviewing the Brew.  Colin is currently a student UW-Oshkosh, studying…books. 

The way this works is simple.  I make 3 realistic statements about the Brewers.  Colin tells me if he is “buying” it or “selling” it.  Then he has to defend himself.  If it was just a True or False test, then what would be the point.  This is something that I am hoping will become a regular occurrence with more special guests to come. 


Milwaukee Brewers:  Buy or Sell


1)  Yuniesky Betancourt will be our starting shortstop in September

BUY – As much as I’d love to sell this, I actually have to buy it just because there is no one on the roster that I would be comfortable enough handing the everyday job to. Yuni has multiple problems as a long-term solution – inconsistency with his glove, a tendency to push his throws and his complete lack of restraint at the plate – and over the course of the season these problems are beginning to escalate. But I don’t think anyone else can do it. Josh Wilson is another season out from being considered an everyday shortstop in my opinion, but I do hope he gets some more time in in 2011. We all love Counsell as well, but I’d much rather see him hop over to third before going in the 6-hole. Like I said, I don’t love Yuni, but for now he’s going to have to do.


2)  A Brewers pitcher will win the NL CY Young  (Greinke, Gallardo, Marcum, or dare I say Randy Wolf)

BUY – I’m going to buy this, and I’m putting the smart money on Zack Greinke – so long as he keeps being so 2009 Greinke-esque. He has struck out nearly 9 batters for every walk this year, better than any other starting pitcher. His ERA needs to drop, which is a tough task, but a lot of that comes with defense stepping up as well. If everything falls into place, I think he’s got it. As for Yo and Marcum, their consistency is great (save for some recent outings) and I think if they can really ratchet it up in terms of strikeouts they have a legitimate shot as well. But who am I kidding? It will probably just go to a Phillie.


3)  Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder will both be in the Top 5 for NL MVP voting at seasons end

 SELL – I’m selling here. Reason being: I think the voters will only choose one of the two, and that one man will probably Ryan Braun. Prince has had amazing start to his season, there is no question about that. He is still burning up other first basemen and continues to have an absolutely phenomenal career. The problem with Prince is that he is always going to be compared to Pujols, which is both unfair and unnecessary. With that being said, it almost feels like it is just Braun’s time to get some serious MVP consideration. I hate to make it seem like MVP voting is akin to Sexiest Man Alive (Which Braun may also gets votes in – am I right ladies?) but he’s been putting up great numbers his whole career, will be a two-time All-Star starter and is a true all-around player for Milwaukee. If his numbers stay up – and the Brewers finish well – I think Braun not only finishes in the top 5, but he might take home the prize.

Just so everyone knows, Marcum is going to be fine.  Roenicke said that his being pulled in the 3rd inning was “part of the plan”.  Clearly Ron has not watched his bullpen very closely the last 10 days or so.  What a horrible plan.

A special congrats to Ryan Braun on his career long 14 game hitting streak that he takes into tomorrow’s game.  Braun is the only player in the majors to have three 10 plus-game  hitting streaks this season.  Maybe Colin is right.  Braun for  MVP!!

Happy Thursday everyone.  Go Brewers!!  And for tonight only, Go Phillies.  You don’t get exclamation points Phillies.  That is reserved for my boys.