Brewers All-Stars: I Did This With My Mind


This is just a quick note reminding you that there are only a few days left to continue voting for Prince, Rickie, and Braun to be starters in the All-Star game in Phoenix.

In the last few days, Prince and Rickie surpassed their Cincinnati counterparts and took the number one spots in their respective positions (or second, in the case of Prince. Pujols is granted 100,000 votes for every inch of his biceps, but his injury obviously makes him ineligible to start .)

I don’t want to say that Reviewing the Brew is responsible for this dose of sweet baseball justice, but the evidence is pretty staggering. On June 21st, I penned an article asking Brewers fans to vote their stars into starting spots on the NL All-Star squad in hopes of having three starters. Not one week later, and my will be done. You guys are awesome. But you still need to vote for four more days in order to ensure their starting spots – and our shared glory – stays the course.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to try to bend spoons in my kitchen with my mind.

As for the Brewers, you can make the check out to Colin Bennett.