Vote for your Brewers All-Stars!!!!! Time is ticking…


First, let me quickly apologize for my angry article from yesterday.  I just hate to see a team throw in the towel after 2 innings.  Watching the whole team just hiding in the dugout made me blind with rage.  Yesterday’s article was out of line and unacceptable.  You all deserve better from me.  I sincerely apologize about that garbage article (let’s call it what it is).  Ok, now to the task at hand.

Time is running out to vote for your favorite Brewers to make the All-Star team.  While this may not be important to you, it is important to them.  As a fan of the Brewers we all GET to vote for our boys.  Of course we don’t have to, but we should want to.  The All-Star game is way more fun if your guys are playing in it.  I can not even remember the last time the Brew Crew had 3 players starting in a AS Game.  (That is because the last time it happened was 1983, the year of my birth)


This is our last chance to give our boys the puch they need.  As it stands right now, Prince Fielder, Rickie Weeks, and Ryan Braun are all going to start for the NL.  Let’s try and make sure it stays that way.  Now, there is only so much that Colin and I can do.  I have 3 e-mail accounts, so I voted 75 times and I believe Cool Colin did the same.  Each e-mail address allows you 25 votes.  If you are sitting at home watching the game, or sitting through soccer and tennis highlights on Sportscenter, go over to the site and vote.  Just promise me you will not write in Mark Kotsay.  That would not be funny….ok, it would be kind of funny.


If we all chip in, this will be the best All-Star game ever.

In game update:  Bot. 2nd      Brewers 1     vs     Yankees 0

They look focused and ready to play.  Already 1 for 1 with runners in scoring position.  Marcum looks good so far, now we just need to make sure Roenicke does not pull him early.

Alright, stop talking to me and go vote!!!!!!!