Brewers Buy or Sell: The Hall of Very Good


Well,  we are back with another exciting edition of Brewers Buy or Sell.  Last week we had the always classy Colin Bennett on.  Colin did not disappoint, in fact some of his comments have already started to evolve into fact, so bravo to our Colonial foot soldier.

This Weeks Guest:

Shawn Anderson :

Chairman, President, CEO, and Headwriter of The Hall of Very Good.  Shawn currently resides in the great state of Illinois.  His site provides amazing baseball insight, as well as keeping tabs on all of the finest mustaches the MLB has to offer.  Shawn has been gracious enough to share his expertise on these matters with us on this fine Thursday.   

The way this works is simple.  I make 4 realistic statements about the Brewers.  Shawn tells me if he is “buying” it or “selling” it.  Then he has to defend himself.  If it was just a True or False test, then what would be the point.


1)  This season John Axford has sported two different mustaches, his next one will be “The Musketeer” 

BUY  –   I could definitely see Axford rocking “The Muskateer” given the recent popularity of the lip sweater.  Arizona Diamondbacks minor leaguer Clay Zavada has a rather Rollie Fingersesque handlebar right now(photo here), Washington Nationals pitcher Collin Balester flirted with what I like to call “The Shooter” (see it) earlier in the season, and Seattle Mariners skipper Eric Wedge has gone from the Ron Swanson to full on Hulk Hogan (more pictures) …why wouldn’t Axford turn back the clock to 17th century Paris?


2) The Brewers will finish the season with three 15 win pitchers

BUY  –  I can definitely see three (possibly, dare I say four) Brewers pitchers (Gallardo, Greinke, Marcum and Wolf) get to 15 wins.  That said…I can’t see any of them getting more than 17.  That’s right…I’m saying three (maybe four) Brewers pitchers will win 15 or 16 games.  What am I basing this on?  Absolutely nothing.  A better question would be…can Zack Greinke get his ERA under 5.50?  Yikes.


3)  The state of Illinois is secretly rooting for the Brewers, due to the Cubs and White Sox disappointing seasons…and their hatred for the Cardinals. 

SELL  –  First…let’s talk White Sox fans.  They either LOVE their Pale Hose or HATE baseball.  And, honestly, I can respect that.  Cubs fans, however, are a completely different story.  People outside of Illinois can’t possibly begin to understand the stupidity of Cubs fans.  For some reason, you’ve got a team that hasn’t won since the ROOSEVELT administration (Theodore…not Franklin) and the fans still flock to see them.  It would be easy for them to cross the border and root for the Brew Crew, but if 100-plus years of losing, a stadium that is falling apart ( and a GM that won’t pull the trigger on a trade ( can’t detour them…NOTHING can.


4)  Mark Kotsay will be playing in the White Sox “Old-Timer’s Game” next season

PUSH  –  For starters…Mark Kotsay would gladly play for any field that would allow him to set foot on their field.  Sooo…if that means as a White Sox “old timer” or as bench support for the Nationals or Royals, dude’s gonna be in uniform somewhere.

Again, a very special Thank you to Shawn.  If you have some time you should go over and check out his site.  It is very well put together and always a good read. Today he is talking about Jose Canseco’s first home run in….well a long time. 

Happy Thursday everyone.  Hopefully we can salvage a win in today’s game.  Go Brewers!!!