Casey McGehee hits first homerun since May, helps Brewers avoid sweep


Yovani Gallardo gave up a lead-off homerun in Wednesday afternoon’s series finale with the D’Backs.  That would prove to be both the first, and last run allowed on Yo’s watch.  Gallardo threw 7 complete innings and a staggering 125 pitches to preserve the win.  Although, had it not been for the unlikely pinch-hit 3-run blast from Casey McGehee, it could have just as easily been a loss.  Fortunately that was not the case, and Yo recorded his team leading 10th win of the season.

The offense continues to seem lost. Ryan Braun being out of the lineup does not help that situation either.   Had it not been for Casey McGehee’s second pinch-hit go-ahead homerun of the season, this could have been a 1-0 loss for the boys in blue and gold.  It became very clear yesterday that this is not a case of a few players not carrying their weight, this is a team wide epidemic.  Even the likes of Corey Hart and Prince Fielder seem to be struggling to put the ball in play on a regular basis right now.  We need guys like McGehee, to step-up and deliver if the team is going to make a playoff push.

Now it is not like this is a new problem.  All season long we have talked about offensive inconsistency.  It has been to our advantage that the starting pitching was stellar through most of May and June.  My hope is that Yo’s gutsy 125 pitch outing will inspire Greinke, Marcum, Wolfy, and Narvs to get back on the right track.  If Ron Roenicke and company can figure out a way to get the offense clicking, paired with our aces getting on a role, this team can not be stopped.  But when you are struggling, it is very easy to forget how good your team really is.  Thus is the current state of your Milwaukee Brewers.

Now to the man of the hour, Casey McGehee.  I have been really hard on him lately, but rightfully so.  This is the one bright spot in his play since May.  Yesterday I read that since he hit his last homerun, Casey is batting a pathetic .171.  After he hit this laser beam to right center (no surprise there), he went into the dugout and slammed his helmet to the ground.  It was like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.  You can only hope that last night’s game winner will give him the confidence boost he needs to start knocking the ball around the yard again.  If not, I believe it will have been the last sparkling moment in his Milwaukee Brewers career.

John Axford looked mad last night.  He struck out the heart of the D’Backs lineup in order.  His final pitch of the night was clocked at 98 MPH.  I think he took offense to the 2 runs he gave up on Independence Day, and it showed.  That is 19 consecutive save conversions for Axford, who continues to show why he should be playing in the mid-summer classic next week.

There is still no need to panic Brew Crew nation.  Both the Cardinals and Pirates lost yesterday, so we are back within 1 game of first.  That makes this 4 game series with the Reds even more important.  We have had very little successs against the Reds this season, so if there was ever a time to turn that around it is right now.

Happy Thursday everyone.  To quote 80’s band Journey, “Don’t Stop Believin”.  Go Brewers!!!