Things Could Be Worse for the Brewers….Pt.2


Once upon a time, back in April, I wrote an article about how things could be worse for our precious Brew Crew.  At that time, they were off to one of the worst starts I have seen from a Brewers team…ever.  Right now, the Brewers find themselves 1/2 game behind the Pittsburgh Pirates…so things are pretty bad again.

     Last night was really hard to watch.  For the second time this week, we made a no-name pitcher look like the second coming of Sandy Koufax.  Ed Sedar continues to be the worst 3rd base coach in the game, as evidence by this play call.  That aside, we still would have only scored one run.  Can anyone explain to me how it is possible to be so pathetic on the road, yet otherworldly in the confines of Miller Park?  It is one of the more puzzling things I have ever witnessed in my life.  Since they are in the midst of an 11 game road trip, I have to wonder if things could be any worse.  That being said…

Things Could Be Worse…. 

– Jeff Suppan could run for Mayor of Milwaukee

– The author of the “Twilight” saga, could decide her next book will be about the 1982 Milwaukee Brewers

– Craig Counsell could take his at-bats with a stick he found in the parking lot

– John Axford Jr. could be diagnosed with a disease that will never allow him to grow facial hair

– Miller Park could have it’s liquor license revoked

– Every time Corey Hart steps up to bat they could play “Sunglasses at Night”  (It’s a Corey Hart joke)

– Tony Plush could be the next “Bachelor”

– Mark Kotsay could decide to retire, and accept his new position as Brewers hitting coach

– Bob Uecker could take the rest of the season off in order to film ‘Major League 4’

– Bud Selig could buy back the team…then let his daughter run it into the ground…again

Those are just a few scenarios to make us all feel a little bit better about our curent predicament.

Tonight, Yo Gallardo will take the mound, looking to avenge the drubbing he took on Thursday night in Denver no doubt.  He will be facing some kid named Enright, but if I know the Brewers, Nolan Ryan will be taking the hill for the Astros.  The D’Backs have really had our number so far this year, now would be a good time to get that number back from them.

Let’s put aside all of the negatives and focus on the positives.  Go Brewers!!!!