Please…let this be it: Brewers smash D’Backs on the road


Yesterday’s article was an attempt to make myself feel better about our road woes over these many months.  I am not sure what happened exactly, but last night the team snapped out of it.  This is a team that has been shutout twice in less than a week.  Since April, we have all been in awe of this team’s drastic play difference from Miller Park to everywhere else.  On the road, the Brewers are 19-32, at Miller Park the team is 33-14.  It’s almost a miracle that we are still in contention at all.  Yet somehow, last night the team put all of the pieces together and looked like our Brewers.

The easiest way to shake out of a slump, have a 5 run first inning.  Corey Hart, Ryan Braun, and (brace yourself) Yuniesky Betancourt all homered to left field in the Top of the 1st last night.  Then Betancourt homered again in the Top of the 9th!!  (Betancourt’s first multi-homer game of his career)Rickie Weeks added his 19th homer of the season to the mix, and just like that the Brewers romp the D’Backs 11-3.

In last nights contest, both Casey McGehee and Yuni Betancourt went 3 for 5.  These two have been the biggest black eye’s for this team when it comes to offense.  If this team is going to win on the road, Casey and Yuni need to contribute like this.  If there was ever a time to shake off your crappy season and go streaking, this is it fellas.  When the two least consistent batters in your lineup combine for 6 of your 14 hits, you will win more games then you lose.

Yo Gallardo went out and threw 6 solid innings to get the W (11-6).  Gave up 3 runs, but only 1 of them was earned.  Then they brought out Marco Estrada, who has been particularly bad as of late.  However, the mojo was rising and he threw two perfect innings, striking out 4 of the 6 batters he faced.  The pitching staff continues to show flashes of greatness, but they also show flashes of anti-greatness.

The team looked so aggressive last night and that is what we never see on the road.  When they are in the bright, beer battered, lights of Miller Park they never have a problem with being aggressive.  My hope is that last night’s game can serve as the wake-up call they have so desperately needed.  The Brewers CAN win at home.  They CAN score runs on the road, and everyone CAN hit on the road.

Tonight Chris Narveson is on the mound.  Hopefully, we can help him with some run support this time around.  Narveson has had back to back quality outings, but zero runs to help him.  After last night’s beat down, one has to think this is a possibility.  Then again, this is a team that has been shutout 9 times on the road this year.

I don’t know about you Brew nation, but last night filled me with a sense of hope.  A sense that maybe, just maybe, this team can do what we all know they can do, which is score runs.  Let’s keep the good times rolling.

Go Brewers!!!