Brewers management gives Brandon Boggs the finger…again


Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Fool me three times, that’s just rude.  Fool me four times, them’s fightin’ words.  Thus is the story of Brandon Boggs’ 2011 campaign with the Brewers.

     Last night when Carlos Gomez shattered his clavicle, my first thought was “See you soon Boggs”.  If you have not seen the catch Gomez made, it was well worth the broken bone.  I could not find a shorter clip, so this will have to do.  While I am sad to see Carlos’ season come to an end, I am also not sad about it.  Does that make me bad person?  You never want to see a young guy have an injury like that, but when you play with such reckless abandon, those things will happen. 

With Gomez done for the year, one would think that the Brewers would call up their best Triple-A outfielder.  If you were that one, you were wrong.  The Brewers have decided to bring up Brett Carroll to fill the outfield void.  Carroll has some major league experience, over the past four years he has played in over 170 games with the Florida Marlins.  However, his offensive stat line is nothing short of pedestrian.  While scouting reports on him say that he is a dynamite glove and has a rocket arm, I am not convinced that he should have gotten the call over Boggs.  Maybe Carroll will prove me wrong, but I strongly doubt it.

Brandon Boggs has been crapped on by Brewers management since day 1.  That is not my opinion, that is pretty much a fact.  He got passed over for the opening day roster, in lieu of Mark Kotsay and Erick Almonte (we see how that is working out).  He has been called up and sent back to Nashville twice this season.  Both times I assumed that he would designate himself a free-agent, but both times he decided to stay with the organization.  My guess, the kid was hoping that when something happened (i.e  last night) that he would be the first one called back.  It worked the first time around, but this time his faith was not rewarded.

Is there something about this kid that we do not fully understand.  Does he have some sort of personal demons that make management nervous?  Underneath his smooth swing and cat like reflexes, is there a seriel killer waiting t o get out or something?  Brandon Boggs is a major league baseball player, who has every right to be on this team and for the life of me I can not figure out why Melvin and Company can not see it.  All he needs is the opportunity to contribute, but every time we call him up he gets sent down a week or two later.  It drives me absolutely bonkers.

The only logical explanation, the team is trying to acquire some outfield help.  In which case, this is a terrific move.  Because I bet that if they called up Boggs and optioned him down again in the next 10 days (trade deadline is July 31st), I can almost guarantee he would fly the coup this time.  So, if the ultimate goal is to keep Boggs and add someone via trade, then you have my apologies Doug Melvin.

I really like Brandon Boggs, always have, and probably always will.  Brandon Boggs reminds me of the love I once had for Nelson Cruz in our farm system.  As of this moment, I am irritated, but I suspect something bigger is at play here.  If the Brewers had no intention of making a deal for another veteran outfielder, then I think Boggs is getting the call-up instead of Carroll.