With Trade Deadline Approaching, Brewers seem surprisingly quiet


There are very few things that surprise me about the Brewers any more.  After the CC Sabathia trade (2008), the Brewers have been scrambling to get back to the promised land.  That trade blew my mind, but I have not seen it’s equal since.  After making moves to acquire Zack Greinke, Shaun Marcum, Nyjer Morgan, and now Francisco Rodriguez, there is no doubt that Attanasio and company are doing everything in their power to make this team a winner.  The problem is that the team is barely winning…most of the time.

Having said that, I am surprised at the teams lack of moves or even rumor of moves this week.  This is a Brewers team that has glaring problems at third base and shortstop, and with the injury to Carlos Gomez they could probably use another utility outfielder (since they refuse to use Brandon Boggs).  While I do not think that making a move for a Carlos Beltran or B.J Upton is wise, I still believe that they should be making some effort to try and get this team one more piece to make it’s 2011 playoff push.

You may be saying to yourself, “But Lou, who do you think they should make amove for.”  I thought you would never ask.

I really like Jason Bartlett.  It’s easy to look at his numbers for this season and say,”Why would you want this guy?”.  How about his three seasons in Tampa Bay, where he recorded over 400 hits?  How about his career .967 fielding percentage?  This season he is sporting his worst on-base percentage of his career at .310, which is still better than both Yuni Betancourt and Casey McGehee’s.  In my humble opinion, Bartlett is also going to be easily attainable.  The Padres are not even close to being in contention, plus they are historically sellers at the deadline.  My only issue is giving up more prospects that we don’t have, but if it solidifies that side of the infield…it’s worth it.

Last night’s game agains tthe Cubs was not much to look at.  If you watched the first inning and turned the game off, you missed almost nothing.  The only moment I will mention, Kam Loe getting out of a bases loaded, no outs jam in the 6th inning.  That was pretty spectacular.  The Cubs scored 2 runs in the Top of the 1st inning, and the Brewers retaliated with 3 runs in the bottom half of the inning.  Final score of last night’s game 3-2, Brewers win.

Tonight I am going to keep a very close eye on Zack-a-Shaq.  I need to see that velocity start to improve.  Who is with me on that?

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!  Go Brewers!!!