Brewers Trade Deadline Breakdown and weekend catch-up


In 2011, the Brewers charged into free agency with their swords drawn.  Making the first “wave”, the Brewers traded for the record holder in most saves in a season (62), Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez.  The deal was formally anounced just moments after the 2011 All-Star game came to an end.  The move made many Brew Crew faithful believe more mega-deals were on the horizon.  That could not have been more misleading.

A few nights ago, All-Star second baseman, Rickie Weeks severly sprained his ankle on an unnecessary lunge to beat out a close play at first.  This very unfortunate event once again lead me to think that Brewers management would do something to solidify our infield.

Fast forward to Thursday night.  I heard rumblings that they might be looking at Rafael Furcal of the Dodgers.  This pleased me.  Then on Friday morning I awake to the peculiar news that the team had traded for, former team stop-gap, Felipe Lopez from the Tampa Bay Rays…Triple-A team.  Luckily we only gave up cash for Lopez.  Which leads us to Saturday’s bizarre deal.

Jerry Hairston Jr. has played for 7 different major league teams.  Milwaukee will be his 8th.  Saturday morning it was unleashed, that the Brewers traded reigning Minor League player of the year Erik Komatsu.  My dislike for this deal is unending.  Hariston Jr. can play 5 positions.  So what?  Erik Komatsu was the PLAYER OF THE YEAR!!!  The Cardinals gave up an average Double-A outfielder to get Rafael Furcal.  Furcal is someone who can REPLACE Yuniesky Betancourt or Casey McGehee.  Lopez and Hairston are just stop-gaps.  Two veteran guys who might be able to contribute, but they are just not what I think we needed.

Update:  At this very second, the 2011 MLB Trade Deadline has passed….

How good are the Brewers at home?  Right?!?!!?  After they came back home from a descent road trip (11 games, 5-6 record), I felt like this home stand was one where they could really make up some ground.  Now, the Cubs and Astros are not elite teams, but you need to be able to defeat weaker opponents.  If my eyes do not deceive me, it looks like the Brewers are a cut above the cellar dwellers.  They just need to win a few more games on the road, not a complete reversal, just a couple more here and there.

During today’s game, Craig Counsell took sole-possession of the worst batting slump in Brewers team history.  Craig has gone 0 for 43,  surpassing Greg Vaughn and Doug Davis (pitcher) .  Clearly this is the most unwanted moment of Counsell’s career.  It’s safe to say this is his last ride.  Brewers would be silly to have him back next season.

The Pirates and Cardinals added some talent to their rosters this weekend as well.  It is going to be a dog fight until the bitter end.  To see what the Pirates have been up to, check out Rum Bunter (A Fansided joint).  If you are more worried about the Cards, then get over to Redbird Rant and read about those filthy song birds.

Ok, on one final note.  A friend of mine mentioned to me that I have been laying of Mark Kotsay alot lately.