Casey McGehee makes up for lost time, hits 3 home-runs to send St. Louis packing


This Brewers and Cardinals series was just goofy.  In the series finale, we saw Rafael Furcal and his sub .200 batting average, hit a 3-run home run, Corey Hart hit a lead-off home-run for the Crew, and Casey McGehee almost double his season total by hitting 3 home-runs.  McGehee’s 3 homers where his 6th, 7th , and 8th of the season.  Talk about playing catch-up.  McGehee has been swinging an insanely hot bat since the All-Star break.  During the home-stand his batting average was a staggering .360, not to mention that he was 7-for-14 in the Cardinals series.  All of a sudden McGehee and Betancourt seem to be coming around, and not a moment too soon.

It was terrific to watch McGehee smash that birdhouse yesterday.  I liken him to that cranky old man who builds a bird house with his spare time after retirement.  After a few weeks, a loud and annoying cardinal moves in there.  A few days go by, but McGehee keeps his cool  Then one afternoon, in a fit of rage, he picks up his bat and knocks it out of the tree and smashes the birdhouse to bits.  Thus was Casey McGehee’s afternoon.  Cranky old man, destroying birdhouses.  I am sure Tony LaRussa will not take this sitting down.  If history repeats itself, something tells me that McGehee will get beaned in his first AB next Tuesday.

Our pitching staff has been locked down since the All-Star break.  Yesterday Randy Wolf did a terrific job of keeping the Cardinals big boys in check.  I think from now on I will refer to Randy Wolf as “The Moat”.  Quick vocabulary lesson, a moat is a deep, broad ditch, either dry or filled with water, that surrounds a castle, building or town, historically to provide it with a preliminary line of defense.  Randy Wolf provides just enough protection to keep the bad guys at bay, in the hopes that his countrymen can claim victory.  Randy “the moat” Wolf, picked up his 8th win of the season in a playoff type atmosphere.  That makes me feel really good about him pitching in October.

     Hey, do you all remember that time Eric Farris came up to the big leagues for like, a day?  You do!!  Well, Fansided’s newest joint Seedlings to Stars, has a nice little write up about Farris and what he can bring to the table.  Check it out here.

     The Crew has today off and tomorrow they will be in Houston to take on the lowly Houston Astros for three days.  So, if you are bored and can’t get enough Brewers chatter, go over and check out Brew Crew Ball’s Frosty Mug.  This morning they have some great stuff up about why Tony LaRussa left Edwin Jackson for so long yesterday. 

Enjoy the off-day everyone.  Go Brewers!!!