Dear Craig Counsell


Dear Craig Counsell,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter/blog post.  For the past 15 years you have been a staple in the game of baseball.  Your batting stance alone made you a household name during the late 1990’s.  Between your defensive abilities and your sparkling personality, it is hard to say what needs to be said.  Alas, here it goes; Mr. Counsell, please retire.

Your current hit-less streak is far more embarrassing than that dream where you are at school naked.  If you do not record a hit in your next at-bat, you will hold the most horrific record in all of baseball (per my opinion).  This record has held it’s ground for 102 years.  By going 0-for-46, Craig, you will hold the record for longest hit-less streak by a position player.  Luckily you have a few more at-bats before you overtake the all-time Brewers record holder (pitcher Doug Davis, o-for-49).  This is a record that you do not want, and not one Brewers fan wants you to have it either.

Recently, Brewers skipper Ron Roenicke came to your defense.  He sang your praises as a defensive player and a clubhouse guy.  Those things are great to have, but when you have not recorded a hit since June 10th…well, things are pretty bad.  Your OBP is .042 during this little slump.  That means you have been on base twice, since June 10th.  We are rapidly closing in on 2 months without so much as a bloop single.  Let’s face it, you can be the best clubhouse guy in the world, but at what point do your teammates start to look at you as a liability?

There are two young men in the minor leagues right now, Mat Gamel and Eric Farris, who both deserve to be on this roster.  Your refusal to accept that the game has passed you buy, is hindering their career growth.  By not graciously stepping aside and probably taking some sort of bench coach role, you are hurting the Brewers long-term aspirations.  Granted, you are not the only one (Mark Kotsay) who refuses to let go, but you have had an amazing career.  What are you looking for at this point?  Please, do not let your legacy be tainted by this ghastly record.  The time is now.

The Milwaukee Brewers organization will not ask you to leave Craig, and I can not blame them.  You mean so much to the state of Wisconsin and Brewers baseball, that is why you need to be the one.  Only you can save yourself, from yourself.  Like I mentioned earlier, you will probably get a nice little coaching gig out of the deal.  Then you can still be a part of the game and the organization.

We love you Craig.  Brew Crew nation thinks the world of you.  That is why I am imploring you to walk away.  Not because of talent or age, but because of this record.  I am asking you to walk away so that this is not the last thing we remember you for.  You have the opportunity to step up and be better than that record.  If you think of it that way and not that you’re “walking away from the game”, maybe it won’t be so painful.  You are an amazing person and a great role model for young Wisconsin baseball players everywhere.  Don’t let it end this way.

All of my love and respect,

Lou Olsen