The RtB plan to keep Prince Fielder


On Sunday night I was talking with my mother about how nice it would be to keep Prince Fielder for just another year or two.  We can pay him his big money for a short term contract to try and give the team one more shot at the World Series next season.  The entire pitching rotation will be back, along with Braun, Hart, Weeks, McGehee (maybe), and Lucroy.  It is very realistic that the 2012 Brewers could be bigger, faster, stronger, and much more comfortable with each other.  That would make them extremely dangerous.

None of us want Prince to go.  So, my mom came up with an idea that I think will open the eyes of Brewers management.  If every Brewers fan out there who reads this sends ONE american dollar to this address:

Keep Prince in Milwaukee

One Brewers Way

Milwaukee, WI  53214

I know that times are hard, but I think we can all agree that some sort of campaign to keep Prince, is worth $1 to all of us.  If in your envelope you put an index card inside that has a small little message about what Prince means to you, or a memory you have of him, maybe we can make enough noise for the Brewers to make a stronger effort to bring him back.

Warning: Do not send more than $1, because the fact is that they can not use that money to actually pay him.  The goal here is to let Attanasio and Melvin know how serious we are about this, not to actually pay Fielder’s salary.

This may sound stupid and you may all think that I am crazy, but I mailed mine out this morning.  If you feel as I feel, then you should jump on this crazy train and see where it takes us.  It may not work, but we will never know if we don’t try.

That’s my plan…what’s yours?