Nyjer Morgan or Tony Plush, whatever you want to call him, has become ..."/>      Nyjer Morgan or Tony Plush, whatever you want to call him, has become ..."/>

Throw up your “T” Milwaukee


Nyjer Morgan or Tony Plush, whatever you want to call him, has become somewhat of a local legend in Milwaukee this season.  Form everything I have read, it sounds like T-Plush loves the city and the fans.  In fact he Tweets his adoration for the Brew Crew Nation almost daily.  In yesterday’s walk-off sweep of the Pirates, Nyjer gave us something new to throw up when it is his time to shine.  Many of you will recognize it as the international sports symbol for ‘time-out’.  As many of you may know, there are no time-outs in baseball, so why not let this happen.

I do not know that I have ever seen a player make striking out and popping out look so good in a ballgame.  In the bottom of the 8th inning of Sundays contest, Morgan struck out on a wild-pitch, but reached base safely.  That was the 3rd out of the inning, but instead it brought Ryan Braun to the plate.  Sure enough, he singled in the tying run.  To extra innings we go.  Kottaras slaps a single to the opposite field, then Casey McGehee launches a double into the right field corner.  That puts runners on second and third base for our boy T-Plush.  First pitch, he crushes it to right field.  Off the bat, I think everyone thought it was a home run, but it still did the job as Kottaras tagged from third base and trotted home for another Brewers W.

Since 2007, the Brewers are 36-3 against the Pirates in Miller Park.  That is just insane.  Watching the game yesterday, I never once felt like we were going to lose the game.  Maybe that is the hot streak talking, but this team just seems to be unbeatable.  On Saturday the Crew prevailed in a 1-0 contest on the strength of stand-in starter Marco Estrada and the bullpen.  If you ever want an example of a team walking the baseball plank, it has been the Pirates in Miller Park over the past 4 seasons.  I bet you would be hard-pressed to find another match-up in baseball that is this one sided.

Seeing as how we swept the Pirates and the Cardinals only took 2-of-3 from the Rockies, that gives us a 5 game lead going into our 4-game series with the Dodgers.  Randy Wolf will be kicking off this series with his former team.  The Dodgers will be sending out Ted Lilly, who apparently cleared waivers earlier this week with no takers (per Buster Olney, so take it for what it is worth).  Randy Wolf has won his last 3 starts.

Still no word on the Brewers signing of top draft picks Taylor Jungmann and Jed Bradley.  The odds are high that it will come right down to the midnight deadline.  If you were holding your breath hoping that it would happen this afternoon, you should really breath.  Last season, 14 of the top 33 picks were signed on the final day (today).

Throw up that “T” Brewers fans.  Whether you love or hate Nyjer Morgan, you can’t argue with results.  You better believe the “T” was getting thrown up in Seattle yesterday.  Happy Monday Brew Crew Nation.

Go Brewers!!!!!