What is, “Brewers Beast Mode”?


     Being from Seattle, the phrase “beast mode” has taken on a whole new meaning (see Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch and his playoff run from last year).  All of a sudden the Brewers have created their own little gesture to each other.  Something a little more tasteful than say the untucking of the shirt, or the bowling ball gag.  Once I saw T-Plush throwing up “the T”, I thought that would take over the clubhouse.  Instead it is something from the Disney/Pixar movie Monsters Inc. instead.

This is the only quote I could find about the origins of “beast mode”:

"“It’s from Monsters, Inc., that’s my kids’ favorite movie. The whole team does it now. It’s something that I saw my kids do, and I thought it was funny, so I thought I might as well do it, too.”                                                                      -Prince Fielder"

I too am a lover of the Disney/Pixar universe, so I went back and did a little research (6 pack of PBR and my copy of Monsters Inc.) to find the origins of beast mode.

Turns out it is pretty simple.  If you are unfamiliar with the film, this will make very little sense.  In this Disney universe, monsters are very civil creatures.  They are polite and do all of the things us humans do, that is until they need to scare us for energy.  Then there are specific monsters who are called “scarers”.  Their job is to go into “beast mode” and scare children into screaming.  The screaming produces electricity for the monster city.  The End.

Now, what I could not figure out is, are the Brewers just making themselves bigger?  I feel like the Brewers beast mode has evolved.  At first it seemed like the guys were throwing their arms out and pulsing them towards the middle of their body.  Now they seem to be lifting their hands to the sky and pulsating to symbolize “beast mode”.  It also seems like there is a small battle cry that goes with it.

To make a long story short, I do not give a crap what it is or where it came from as long as it keeps working.

After a weekend sweep in New York against the Mets, the Brewers roll into Pittsburgh to take on the Pirates.  Just in the last few days we found out that both Paul Maholm and Kevin Correia are going to the DL for the Pirates.  That is a bad sign for the swashbucklers.

Game one of a doubleheader should be starting right about….nowish.  Go Brewers!!!!