Can I get some clarity: Is it Tony Gumbel, or Tony Gumbo?


After tonight’s convincing 11-4 victory over the Pirates, it is easy to understand why everyone is having so much fun.  Whether it is throwing up the “T” for our boy T-Plush, or going into ‘Beast Mode’, the Brewers are having a smashing good time.  Tonight in a post game interview our resident spark plug, Nyjer Morgam, re-introduced us to a man named Tony …Gumbo?  Gumbel?  I need some help from anyone and everyone.

Clearly this Tony Gum..guy, is the alternate personality of T-Plush.  So, if my math is correct; T-Plush is the classy version of Nyjer Morgan, Tony Gumball (?) is the professional version of T-Plush (in his first interview he admits to being a tickler).  If that holds true, then Tony Gumdrop is actually some sort of Alec Baldwin persona trying to escape from inside Nyjer Morgan.  Has anyone ever actually met Nyjer Morgan before?  Is he in there with T-Plush?  Does Nyjer Morgan actually practice Plushdamentals?  Whoever he is, he also introduced us to the SWAT Team.  I can only assume this is in reference to the offense just pounding people as of late.

Ok, the point of this article is to try and figure out which it is; Tony Gumbel or Tony Gumbo?  I am not sure, at first I thought it was him trying to be the third Gumbel brother.  But now that we have seen this character again, it sounded like he said Gumbo this time.  I have examined both appearances, if you would like to do so — appearance #1  —  appearance #2 —

Let’s all come to a consensus on this so that I know how to address the new guy.  If it was Tony Gumbo who had the 4 hits tonight, then I hope he is around more often.

P.S-  The Cardinals lost tonight, which means the Brewers have a 10 game lead in the division.  First time ever.  We have won 24 of the last 28 games.  No type-o’s.  All true.  Sweet Dreams Brewskies and Brewskettes.