Cubs in town for weekend beat down


Did everyone like how the title rhymed?  No one?  Ok, moving on.

Here come the Cubs, a team that seems to be in a state of “rebuilding”.  Last week they cut ties with GM Jim Hendry, which was a sign of changes to come.   Then earlier in the week they refused to deal Carlos Pena, even though they probably would have received the sweeter end of the deal.  Then you have Carlos Zambrano, who pretty much does and says what he wants when he wants.  Confusion, panic, mass-hysteria and disenchanted  are all words to describe the current state of Chicago Cubs baseball and their fans.  Before I get too high on my horse, it was not that long ago that the Brewers looked like this too.

Enough tears for those stupid baby bears.  The Brewers had a day off yesterday and I suspect that the team is going to come out and bestow purple nirples on the Cubs pitching staff.  Previously, the Brewers had played 17 games in 16 days without an off day.  There was only one instance in that 17 game stretch where they did not look dominant, and that was the game on Wednesday.  You may recall us limping to a 2-0 loss at the hands of a guy who had never pitched in Triple-A, let alone the big leagues.  That just continued a season long trend of this team making amateurs look like aces and aces look like amateurs.  I digress.

Days of rest are always good.  Doesn’t matter who you are, or what team you play for.  It always benefits you to charge the batteries.  The Cubs can not be looking forward to this series.  If I was a Cubs fan I would be filling my weekend with anything other than baseball.  However, it is no different than playing a pick-up game against your friends.  These two teams know each other so well that  I doubt this will be an easy sweep for the boys in blue and gold.  Then again, beast mode knows no limits.

A few things to note –

Since July 17th the Brewers have the best team ERA in baseball with a  2.63.

– Prince Fielder is only the 2nd Brewer in history to record four consecutive 100  RBI seasons. 

– It is worth noting that if Ryan Braun collects 15 more RBI’s, he will be the 3rd member of the club.

– Aramis Ramirez is in the midst of a 14 game hitting streak, during this streak he is hitting .537 with 4 home runs.  Maybe we should not pitch to him this series. 

– Manny Parra will not be seen this season, he is undergoing surgery to replace a screw in his elbow. 


The game tonight will start at about 7pm for all you midwestern folks.  Randy Wolf is on the mound, so I feel pretty good about our chances.  Plus we are playing in Brew City.

This is for my brother-in-law Snick:  The Cubs Suck!! You know it, I know it, and everyone else knows it.  Scoreboard!!!

Go Brewers!!!!!