Brewers lose, Westbrook hits Grand Slam


From time to time, you are not going to play your best.  The Brewers have lost back to back times for the first time since July 23rd and 24th against the Giants.  We have to all keep in mind that they are 27-7 since the last time they lost games on consecutive days.  Let’s take a little gut check, remember that they are just human and move on.  However…

The Brewers are their own worst enemies in this series.  In yesterday’s game, the only two runs that St. Louis scored were unearned.  Thanks in part to two errors on back-to-back plays.  Today’s loss was aided by Randy Wolf hitting two batters in a row, followed by a Grand Slam from Jake Westbrook (I was going to link it, but I saw it once and that was plenty).  Westbrook of course is the starting pitcher for the Cardinals.  This particular pitcher has a .119 batting average.  This should not happen.  Playoff pitchers do not rebound from hitting consecutive batters by giving up a Salami to a “gimmie” batter.  Jeff Suppan was sitting in his palace made of sorrow, and he was smiling.

I would like to officially retract something I mentioned in an article a few weeks back.  I can not wait for Jerry Hairston Jr. to get back on the bench.  There was a time when JHJ and Josh Wilson seemed to be perfect fits, but I have seen the light.  Oh Lordy, I’ll never roam again!!  These guys belong on the bench.  Carlos Gomez and Rickie Weeks will give this team a much needed punch in the arm.  When those days come, JHJ and Josh Wilson will probably be on the chopping block.  So, for what it is worth faithful readers, I was wrong.

Our one bright spot of today, Tayler Green recorded his first major league hit.  That was a really nice moment and I am glad it happened in Miller Park.  Maybe this is the start of something great…

I did not write alot this evening.  The reason for that is simple, things are going so well.  Even losing again tonight, we are 8 1/2 games up.  Sometimes it is good to get a little reality check from time to time.  In my heart of hearts I know they will bounce back.  So, time to move on from these past two games.

Be sure to check in on Friday for #4 on our list of greatest Brewers mustaches in history.  Bernie Brewers checked in at #5.  Things are going to get stachey.

Yuni Betancourt gets my last word on this Tuesday evening.  While he did go 2 for 4 today, it has been ugly.  And for a change, I would like to come to his defense.  If he gets hot at the right time, listen closely now, he will be the missing piece in the playoffs.  This team was at it’s best when McGehee and Yuni B were clicking.  Now, each of them are back to the same old same old, but at least we know they can still do it.  On any given day, Yuni B can contribute in a big way or strike out 4 times.

Go Brewers!!!!