Brewers players speak out


I’ll apologize in advance for my “negativity” on this dreary Thursday morning, I’m one of the most optimistic Brewers fan you’ll meet, but I’m fuming.  Lucky for you readers, you get to read how I feel today.  I have to share my thoughts on the 2 “negative” stories that grazed the sports section in today’s paper; there were actually 3, but I’ll skip over the last night’s horrible loss.  Instead, it’s Fielder and K-Rod that have me fired up this morning.

Let’s go with Fielder’s comment first, “Probably last year in Milwaukee”.  Really?  Does that come as a suprise to anyone?  I’ve been saying it all season.  However, that’s not what as me fired up.  Why in the world would Fielder come out and make the comments now, in the middle of a pennant race?!  The team is literally going through a meltdown right now (reminds me of the Mets a few years back).  They need positive energy, and that comment isn’t going to do it.  Quite frankly, it’s depressing.  I don’t need any more depressing thoughts.  The lackluster play this month is depressing enough.  The comment does make me wonder if his ego is kicking in.   Is he thinking of his free agent status?  Or, is he hoping the offers start rolling in now because of the comment?   Well, Fielder, my advice, stop thinking of the $$ signs, and start focusing on the push towards the postseason.   Right now, the fans are more worried about a total collapse than where you play next year.  Leave that for the off-season chatter.

On to K-Rod.  He’s unhappy about the lack, actually, about no opportunities to close games.   This one I’m torn on.  I can see K-Rod’s point.  I do recall when he came over to the Brewers in July, he was told he would have the opportunity to come in and close games.  He and Axford would share those duties.  If my memory serves me (and it’s a little scrambled today), the Brewers have failed on that part of the deal.  I feel for the guy, I really do.  K-Rod is a closer, and deserves to be in that role.  But, after a poor first couple of outings,  Axford has definitely earned the title of “Closer”.  Axford is the hottest pitcher on the Brewer staff, and the hottest closer in the NL.  He’s 2 saves away from tying the franchise record set by Francisco Cordero.  You can’t not let him continue to come out and “seal the deal” on games.  It wouldn’t be fair to Axford to take that role away from him.  What would that do to Axford’s mental game?   If I were the manager (and thankfully, I’m not), I would stick with Axford.  He’s the one who is returning next year, not K-Rod.  He IS the Brewers closer now and in the future.  K-Rod, here’s my advice to you, be unhappy, but keep playing with heart.  I know when you come out in the 8th, we’ll get Axford in the 9th, and it’s a done deal.  Game won.  Fans go home happy.   After the season is over, hit the free agency market.  There’s bound to be a team out there who needs a solid closer.  Right now, you have job.  Be happy with that.

Final thoughts…..Brewers start winning!!  I didn’t secure postseason tickets only to see you guys crumble in the end.  I want to experience my first postseason game at Miller Park.