Magic Number is down to 4!!! Brew City Rejoice


A few days ago, I really lost my cool after a 6-1 trouncing we took against the Rockies.  It was in my darkest moment that I sat down to write a letter to Ron Roenicke.  While I still believe many of the things I wrote in said article, it is clear to me now that I overreacted.  This is a very good team and we just got stuck in a little rut against (probably) the best team in baseball, the Philadelphia Phillies.  After watching this team demolish the Cincinnati Reds this weekend, I feel much better about where this team is going.

What the Brewers did this weekend, was nothing short of mind-boggling.  This was a team that had not scored more than 2 runs in almost a fortnight.  6 runs on Friday night, 10 on Saturday, and another 8 runs today…  beautiful way to shrink that magic number to 4 and maybe three before this Sunday is over.  It is everything that I needed to see in order to put my mind at ease.  What did I learn?  Always trust Colin.  No matter what he says, or how he says it.  That guy is smart.

Today was what I have been looking for the past few weeks.  Everyone contributed,  Carlos Gomez got things going with a 2-run bomb in the first inning.  Not to be outdone Braun singled and Prince homered him home.   Rickie Weeks knocked in two more runs in the 2nd inning.  Then Corey Hart finished it off with a solo shot in the 6th inning.  Zack Greinke looked unhittable out there.  These are the kind of things I need to see going into the playoffs.  The Brewers we saw this weekend are the Brewers that we should expect to see from now until they are holding the World Series trophy.  In my heart of hearts, I know that this is the series that is going to turn everything around.  They have the Cubs, Marlins, and Pirates left to go.

We can all sleep easy tonight.  If the Phillies beat the Cardinals tonight, our magic number will be down to 3!!!!  If we can win tomorrow night at the Cubs, then the magic number is down to 2 (or 3).  The Brewers could be in line to clinch the division at home, IN Miller Park on Friday night.  It’s time to get the champagne on ice and pre-order your 2011 NL Central Division Champs shirts and hats.  Not yet….but soon my friends…soon.

Our team is good and a little bit scary.  The two features you need to have in order to win the World Series.

Go Brewers!!!!