Magic Number Update: Down to 2!!!!


The Cardinals bullpen imploded on itself in the 9th inning of this afternoons game with the Mets.  The Cards held a 6-2 lead, with only 3 outs to go.  3 pitchers later, the score had turned into an 8-6 deficit.  This loss not only pushes the Cards to 2 games out of the NL Wild Card race, it also moves our agic number to 2.  If the Brewers win 2 games out of hte next 6, they will be NL Central Champs.  So, allow me to be the first Brewers fan to the the Mets for helping your brothers out.  The way I see it, the Mets owed me for beating the Brewers in my only chance to see a game at miller Park this year.

Everyone can sleep a little easier tonight, myself included.  My earlier post from today was written thinking the Cards would hold on to their lead, but they could not.  If you have champagne, get it on ice.  Something tells me that this weekend will be something none of us will ever forget.  Here is a sweet video to remind us of the last huge celebration Brewers fans were able to enjoy.  Sweet Dream Brewskies and Brewskettes.