Tonight, We Are All Cubs Fans [Not Anymore, Brewers Clinch!]


As of this writing, the Brewers and Marlins are locked 0-0 in the top of the second. [UPDATE: Fielder knocked a home run in the second inning, making the score 1-0 Milwaukee. Only 7 innings away] The Cardinals and Cubs have just begun their face-off. Tonight’s games could prove to be the final act of Milwaukee’s 2011 campaign and clinch the Crew their first NL Central Title. Yovani Gallardo is on the mound and he is looking good. The Brewers are on home turf and everything looks so good right now  except for the first time in my life as a Brewers fan, I am dependent on the Cubs to do the one thing I never want them to do  – win. I will be flipping back and forth between games all night tonight and will probably use this lovely canvas to smear profanity/fits of unencumbered joy all night long.

Think of the enigma for Cubs fans. On one hand, there’s never a bad day to beat the Cardinals. On the other, there’s nothing the Cubs fans like more than the Brewers failing. As usual, the Northsiders can’t win in this one. But if they win, we win. We need the Cubs, now more than ever.

Tonight, Gallardo needs to keep up his command and keep the Marlins at bay (not a difficult task). The Brewers bats need to light up the Florida pitching staff (we’ve done it before). The most important part of this is of course a Milwaukee win, but the more intriguing thing will be the outcome of the game at Busch Stadium tonight.

Tonight the Cubs need to stick the final dagger in the RedBirds. Tonight is the most exciting night in the history of Milwaukee Brewers baseball since they joined the Senior Circuit. Tonight, we are united in our love for the Brewers, but we are also united in strength with our brethren south of the border in beating the crap out of the Cardinals.

Join me.

[UPDATE: Cubs and Brewers are playing as if there isn’t much to play for right now. Cardinals P Chris Carpenter safety squeezed in the first run in St. Louis. In Milwaukee, The Brewers left Lucroy stranded at second and sanchez just hit the Marlins 4th double of the game.]

[UPDATE: Holy Crap. Ryan Braun just made a crazy catch and a crazier throw for a double play. In other news, Ryan Braun is the NL MVP. Still 1-1 after 5 1/2]

[UPDATE: Gallardo has 9K’s through 6 innings of work. Dempster is holding his own in Busch Stadium with only 3 hits, where it remains knotted up through 4 with the Cubbies at the plate]

[UPDATE: Yuni reached on an error. In Yuni terms: base hit! Carlos Pena doubled in a run. Cubs tie it up at 1 with 3 innings to play. Everything has a slightly Brewers feeling to it right now.]

[UPDATE: RYAN BRAUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His 3-run Dinger put Milwaukee up 4-1 and the Ax is on for the save. Man on 3rd with no outs for the Cubs. This could be it]

I LOVE YOU ALFONSO SORIANO. He knocks in a two-run home run and we are one out from a Division title.

Jonh Axford Gets the save on a strikeout. Cardinals are down 3 with an inning to play. We could clinch in less than an hour. I was -4 years old the last time Milwaukee felt like this. If you’re in Miller Park tonight, you’d be dumb to leave.

Double Play by the Cubs! Say it with me Wisconsin – as much as it hurts:


Tony Campaneo Scores on a Castro single making it 5-1 Cubs. One out in the top of the 9th.

The suspense is killing me. Carlos Marmol is getting ready to pitch and I wonder if there’s any way he can strike out 3 Cards immediately ala Bugs Bunny?

Marmol Strikes out his first. Two outs away. TWO. OUTS. Holy crap.

One out. Ohmygodohmygodohymygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod.

That’s it! The Milwaukee Brewers are your National League Central Champions!

We will all have more for you tomorrow/tonight/whenever. I need to go have a beer or five, or pass out, or something.

Congratulations Brew Crew Nation! It is the ending all of us wanted to see. There’s still work to be done, but for tonight we all have a party to get to.