With a Brewers win tonight (7-3 over the Pirates), a D'Backs...doesn't matter, a Cardi..."/> With a Brewers win tonight (7-3 over the Pirates), a D'Backs...doesn't matter, a Cardi..."/>

Brewers will host the Arizona D’Backs on Saturday


With a Brewers win tonight (7-3 over the Pirates), a D’Backs…doesn’t matter, a Cardinals win, and a Braves loss the National league gauntlet is set.  The Brewers will host the Arizona Diamondbacks, starting on Saturday in Miller Park.  Our hated rivals, the Cardinals, will head to Philadelphia.  By winning tonight, the Brewers also became the winning-est Brewers club ever, 96 wins.

Tonight we said goodbye to the regular season.  It has been one of the greatest in the history of the Milwaukee Brewers franchise.  When I think about all of the things this team has accomplished, I realize that I can not write about all of them yet.  For you see, there is much work to be done Brew Crew nation, much work indeed.

We know that Yovani Gallardo will get the ball for the Brewers, but D’Backs coach Kirk Gibson has yet to set a rotation for the NLDS.  That leaves me to ponder, but I am going to lean towards 21 game winner Ian Kennedy.  At the same time, the D’Backs could go with Daniel Hudson.  The pitching match-ups do not concern me about the D’Backs, but their unannounced offensive outbursts concern me greatly.  Last night I watched them win a game on a walk-off Grand Slam, after the game had gone into extra innings at 1-1.  The D’backs scored 6 runs in the bottom of the 10th inning, but only scored 1 run in the previous 9.  Justin Upton, Chris Young, and Ryan Roberts have made the D’Backs a very solid offensive team.  They create a lot of damage in a very short period of time.

During this most recent 6 game home series, the offense seemed to be clicking better.  Leading up to that, I was beyond terrified.  Confidence always seems to be the thing that this team thrives on.  When things are going good, it becomes a contagious virus.  If only we could bottle beast mode and inject it into Gatorade, this team would be unstoppable.  They seemed pretty loose and relaxed and that is going to help them too.

This is so exciting.  I am sorry if this post is a little scatter-brained, but I am happier than a clam at high tide (people say that on the west coast).  I wish it was Saturday right now, but it isn’t.  I will have to wait like everyone else.  Tomorrow I am going to try and put together some more thorough preview stuff for us to all mull over.

Enjoy tonight.  It was a great season and we can celebrate it when it is over.  The Brewers season is just beginning….

P.S- Tonight, right before Carlos Gomez hit his 3-run homer, I thought to myself, “If the Brewers are going to win the World Series, who is going to be their unexpected hero?”  The very next pitch, Gomez launched it over the left field fence.  I am dying to know who you think might be the Brewers playoff hero.