Fielder hits 3 bombs, inches Crew closer to Home Field Advantage


Last night Prince Fielder hit not one, not two, but three home runs in his three official plate appearances.  This is something we as fans have come to expect from the big man, but his timing could not have been more perfect…and sad.  It was like watching the last of the Do-Do birds jumping off a cliff, or watching a tasmanian devil spin himself out of existence.  I sat on my couch and marveled at Prince’s power and emotion.  But, I could not help but think to myself, “Well, at least he is going out with a bang.”

Prince Fielder is leaving.  As beautiful a story it would make if he stayed, it just is not reality.  We live in a sports society where winning does not matter anymore.  Money talks and bull sh– walks.  Prince was sort of giving us all a little gift last night.  Single-handedly he was trying to maximize his October appearances in front of the Miller Park crowd.  We all have to accept what Prince already has, this is his last ride in a Brewers uniform.  But, the Fresh Prince of Brew City seems poised for October glory.  What better way to remember him right?

As Prince’s third home run sailed over the top of the right field fence, I was overcome with emotion.  All of my emotions were coming through Prince as I watched him run the bases.  That guy was so pumped up that even Hulk Hogan would have been impressed.  Prince Fielder created “Beast Mode” and last night he gave us the definition of what “Beast Mode” is.  Now, I am not expecting him to hit 3 home runs every day in October, but we all know that it is possible.

Now I know this proposition is going to be difficult, but we all need to enjoy these next few weeks of having Fielder, no matter our playoffs outcome.  Who knows when we will have a slugger like this again.  Fielder and Braun make up one of the most prolific 3-4 punches in baseball.  Statistically they are the best slugging duo in baseball over the past 4 seasons.  Those days are quickly coming to a close and it would be a shame if we did not all take a moment to marvel at what we have.

The D’Backs were able to win a thrilling 10 inning game last night, so the Brewers still have not clinched a home-field advantage for the start of the playoffs on Saturday.  However, a win today or D’backs lose would just about do it.  Now the real question is, who will we see this weekend.  It will either be the D’backs or the Braves.  Should the Braves and Cardinals remain tied after today’s contest, we will have to wait until tomorrow’s one game playoff to know for sure.

Yovani Gallardo has been announced as the Game 1 starter and Greinke is slated as the starter for Game 2.  Wolf and Marcum will be starting games 3 and 4 on the road presumably.  Both Marcum and Wolf got roughed up by the Pirates over the last two days, so I am a little nervous about what to expect from them going forward.  Chris Narveson, our 5th starter will head to the bullpen as our only left handed option.

     Be sure and check out Colin’s Keys to Brewers Playoff Success.  I highly recommend this article if you are itching for some playoff chatter.  BUT… if we find out who the Brewers first-round opponent will be, tomorrow you will have a full preview to ingest. 

Let’s get after it tonight Brew Dat Nation.  If you are going to Miller Park, make sure that place is registering seismic activity.  Go Brewers!!!!