Randy Wolf helps D’Backs force Game 5


I know it seems like an odd title, considering that yesterday’s title was “In Wolf We Trust”.  What a liar I turned out to be.  You will all have to forgive me for the length of this article, for you see I am still seething mad.  So, I am not going to talk about the atrocities we were forced to witness the past two days.  I made a promise a few weeks ago to never write angry again, and I plan on keeping that promise.

That being the case, I will not rip on Marcum or Wolf today.  Instead we will look to Friday.  First let me say that tomorrow could be the last day of the season for us.  Naturally I am hoping it will not be, but we all need to accept that it could be.  That being the case, I could not be happier about the pitcher taking the mound for Game 5.  All season Yo Gallardo has made me very nervous, but his game 1 performance has lead me to believe that he is the only pitcher we can trust in this situation.

If Gallardo can not deliver tomorrow, then we must all accpet that the better team won this series.

On paper, the Brewers should have swept this series with relative ease, but the D’Backs refuse to roll over and die.  The D’Backs are not the Cubs, Pirates, or Cardinals, who after you punch them enough they throw in the towel.  They play in the NL West, a division that produces the NL CY Young winner…hmm pretty much every season.  They are not intimidated by anyone.

BREWERS X-FACTOR – If Simon Cowell can do it, so can I damn it.  Rickie Weeks is the Brewers X-Factor tomorrow.  1-15 at the plate so far in the NLDS, is nothing short of vomit inducing.  It’s hard to believe that his ankle sprain has rendered his bat completely useless.  He might as well be up there with a bunch of toothpicks that have been Scotch taped together.  In last nights game, Weeks ended 4 innings, which also means that Betancourt lead off 4 innings.  This is not a recipe for victory. 

In some slightly hilarious news, word in the Twitter-verse is that Randy Wolf broke his jock strap in pre-game warm-ups.  While that is funny, he should have told Roenicke the moment it happened.  A guy who understands sports and omens, Roenicke should have started Narveson or Estrada instead.  I doubt very highly that there was ever an incident where breaking your jock before a game was good luck…

I will end this article on a sad note.  The other day I was truly impressed by D’Backs fans, but yesterday crushed that a bit.  I have heard that there were anywhere from 10-11,000 tickets unsold for last nights game.  In fact, tickets for the NLCS did not even go on sale in Arizona until yesterday.  What does your team have to do D’Backs nation?  This made me sad as a baseball fan.  Making the playoffs is something that can not be taken lightly.  Some of us have waited our entire natural  lives for our team to be relevant, but D’Backs fans are so spoiled already that they can’t come out for a playoff game.  I am stunned.  What a slap in the face to YOUR team.  The Brewers may be the first team in history to blow a 2-0 lead, but at least their fans are always behind them.  Truly depressing.

Enjoy the rest of your night (or morning, depending on when you read this).  Tomorrow could be the start of something great, or the end of an amazing run.  Either way, we were all lucky to be a part of it and I am proud to say that Brewers fans never take success for granted.  I love each and every member of the Brew Crew nation.  Goodnight.

Go Brewers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!