If you are reading this, you probably hate the Cardinals.  Understandably so.  After t..."/> If you are reading this, you probably hate the Cardinals.  Understandably so.  After t..."/>

6-Pack of Questions: NLCS Preview


If you are reading this, you probably hate the Cardinals.  Understandably so.  After talking with Alex Brown, editor of RedBird Rants, I have made a stunning revelation about myself.  I do not hate the Cardinals, but I do hate Tony LaRussa.  Alex and I exchanged some questions with each other, in the hopes of clearing up a few things and trying to see where each fan base is coming from.  This is going to be an amazing series, so let’s get a better grasp on the team standing in our way.

To see my answers to Alex’s question, head over to RedBird Rants and check it out.

RtB:  My number one question for you is, why did Tony LaRussa lie about trying to bean Ryan Braun back in August?  It was obvious to every single person in the world that he was going after him, so why lie about it? 

RBR:  Why? Because it’s Tony La Russa. That’s pretty much the explanation for all of TLR’s antics. In his post-game press conference, La Russa pretty much cycled through illogical fallacies like they were late relievers in a one-run game. I think he might have been more inclined to deny the beaning because of the fact that a reporter actually accused him of doing so. It probably hurts his reputation a little bit if he just comes out and admits to it, but then again I don’t think his reputation is all that great to begin with.

RtB:  What is the feeling in Cardinals nation about Albert Pujols’ future?  We face a similar situation with Prince Fielder.  I know that most people in the media believe he will be back, but are there some concerns that this could be the last time that Albert suits up for the Redbirds?

RBR: Ahhh, the unavoidable Pujols question. In all honesty, I don’t think St. Louis fans went into the postseason with the mindset of “OMG, these could Albert’s last games in a Cardinals uniform!” Obviously, his looming free agency decision is always in the back of our minds, but we’re at a point now where we realize that a) we can’t control his decision, and b) it’s not the end of the world if he leaves. I personally believe he will stay in St. Louis. He has to be loving every minute of the cards’ late-season surge, and the Cardinals have already resigned some key players for next year. With that said, who knows? I’d like to think that money isn’t everything, but maybe I’m just naive.

RtB: I wrote an article about the rally squirrel today so I am pretty informed, but you are kidding me right?  Isn’t rallying around roadkill a little strange?  Even by Tony LaRussa standards?

RBR:   Absolutely. I’m with you 100% on this one. The squirrel has got to go. I mean, c’mon. A Twitter account for a rodent? Really? I don’t subscribe to the superstitions of baseball whatsoever, so naturally I’m inclined to view this as outrageous. Between the Budweiser Clydesdales crapping in front of the visitors dugout and a squirrel scampering across home plate, Busch Stadium is becoming a zoo. Let’s hope the squirrel is caught by the time the series shifts to St. Louis.

RtB:  You asked me a similar question, but about a Brewer player.  Here it goes anyway.  Do people in St. Louis actually like Tony LaRussa?  The way you all feel about Nyjer Morgan is the same way Brewers fans feel about LaRussa.  I read an article back in about mid-August on a Cardinals site and the guy ripped LaRussa apart for being a cry-baby.  Is it just Brewer nation, or is this guy a cry-baby pee-pants?

RBR:  Let’s just say this: There is certainly much more love in Milwaukee for Nyjer Morgan than there is in St. Louis for La Russa. By my estimation, it’s almost a 50/50 love/hate split for TLR in St. Louis. Is he a crybaby pee-pants? Yeah, probably. Look no further than in this past week. He basically whined about his players being called whiners. It seems like he always has something to complain about, but believe it or not, some of his complaints are valid (like the shadow issues at Busch Stadium). At the end of the day, the guy is the third winningest manager of all time, and you can’t argue with results. For me, La Russa is, well, let’s go with tolerable.   

RtB:  What is going on with Matt Holliday?  Is he ok?  I mean naturally I would prefer it if he were not, but is his hand still bothering him.  Did he ever consider not swinging so hard in the on-deck circle?

RBR:  Matt Holliday is still in a considerable amount of pain, but it won’t keep him out of the lineup, at least not for game one. It is certainly something to keep an eye on, because if I’m honest, I thought Holliday looked far from healthy in game five against the Phillies. He was late on almost every swing, and his swing did not look dangerous at all. As far as how the injury occurred, it’s just been that kind of year for Matt. He had appendicitis, he had quad issues, and he had a moth fly into his ear. Maybe he just has bad luck. Even if he’s not able to play, I’m a huge Allen Craig fan. He could certainly come in and have an impact.

RtB:  Obviously we each think that our team is going to win, but take out your homer-dom for a minute and tell me honestly how many games you think this series will go and why?  Maybe you will blow my mind and say that the Brewers will win…although I doubt it. 

RBR:  Obviously my homer-dom will make me pick the Cardinals, but I think my reasons are justifiable. I’m a major believer in the “it’s all about getting hot at the right time” theory, and the Cardinals have considerable momentum on their side right now. That’s what beating baseball’s “best team” can do for you. I’ll have to say that the series goes six games. The Cards will take one of the first two on the road and win all three of the games at home. It’s impossible to know how things will play out, but I can guarantee something: This will be a helluva series, my friend.

Game starts in a few hours.  Let’s get those hankies twirling in Miller Park Brew Crew nation.  Make sure you check out RedBird Rants for more information about our enemies. 

Go Brewers!!!!