Tonight’s Game 6 is the 2nd biggest game in Brewers History…A Quick Rant


It is just 90 minutes until first pitch and I can not stop punching my couch.  There are those who call me a pessimist, a negative Nancy, a sour-puss, etc.  Personally, I like to think of my self as a realist.  I am telling you this because I am nervous and when I am nervous I ramble, even when I am writing.  Tonight’s Brewers game is the biggest game of my lifetime.  I liken it to Game 7 of the 1982 World Series, but have no actual evidence to support that theory.  For the first time since April, there is no tomorrow.  It is the middle of October and the Brewers are playing for tomorrow.  This scared me.

Friday nights game threw me into a little bout of self-loathing.  I didn’t check my e-mail or really have any connection to the outside world until I sat down to write this article.  That game really made me uncomfortable, it was the first time all season where I felt like they were not going to be able to come back.  Feeling helpless is the sports fans worst nemesis.  Whenever you commit 4 errors in a game you  are setting yourself up for failure, but it seemed like they were just on the raw end of the “inches” stick.  Corey Hart had that ball graze the tip of his glove in the 1st inning, Carlos Gomez got busted trying to get an early jump to steal a base, Albert Pujols made that amazing over the shoulder catch, Rickie Weeks couldn’t make an over the shoulder catch, and so on.  The game was never on their side.

That was then, I have had time to clear my head and remove myself from the hamster wheel of sports.  Today I woke up, watched a little football and just enjoyed myself.  In that simple pleasure, I began to feel good about today.  We are going to be in Miller Park, a place where we are as close to unbeatable as you can get in baseball.    There is no reason that the Brewers can not win two games in a row at Miller Park.  Then, I thought about my prophecy to RedBird Rants before this series began:

"As a fan I am going to pick the Brewers, but I think no matter who wins it is going to take all 7 games.  So, Brewers in 7 (3-1 at home, 1-2 at Busch Stadium).  As a sports writer I still take the Brewers in 7."

The first half of my Prophecy is correct, the Brewers went 1-2 at Busch Stadium.  Going 3-1 at home is still very firmly in the Brewers grasp.

Tomorrow I will be overloading you with content, which is a direct result of not checking my e-mail all weekend.

Tonight however, we should all sit back and enjoy the game because no matter what happens this team is amazing to watch.  They have some the best bats and arms in the game, and I am prouder than ever to be a life-long Brewers fan.  Grab a beer, get your couch situated, and get the chips out for some baseball.  Do whatever ritual you need to in order to exorcise the demons.  Personally I wear every single piece of Brewers apparel I own, which now includes a Brewers 2011 NL Central Champion t-shirt (Thank you Mom and Dad).  To date: 5 t-shirts, 3 hats, 1 Fielder throwback jersey, and a pair of Brewers board shorts.

Let’s all send out our good joo-joo to Shaun Marcum.  Our season depends on him, so focus really hard.

Go Brewers!!!!!