Call to the Pen, are putting together votes from every writer in the FanS..."/> Call to the Pen, are putting together votes from every writer in the FanS..."/>

FanSided’s NL Pitcher of the Year: Clayton Kershaw


Currently, the fine upstanding gentlemen of Call to the Pen, are putting together votes from every writer in the FanSided Universe so we can give our own awards.  Let other people pick for us?  No way!!  FanSided does not roll like that.  So, we all sat down and made some votes about who we thought was the best pitcher in the NL this season was.  (Is this diversion therapy working?  I feel like it might be, but I don’t want it to be too obvious, you know?)  Continue reading to find out who we all came up with.  Maybe some Brewers will make an appearance.  Who Knows?

Here’s a complete list of NL pitchers receiving votes and their totals.

The way the voting is tallied is as follows:  first place votes – 7 points, second place votes – 4 points, third place votes – 3 points, fourth place votes – 2 points, fifth place votes – 1 point.

1. Clayton Kershaw – LA Dodgers (153)

2. Roy Halladay – Philadelphia Phillies (108)

3. Cliff Lee – Philadelphia Phillies (73)

4. Ian Kennedy – Arizona Diamondbacks (55)

5. Cole Hamels – Philadelphia Phillies (7)

6. Matt Cain – San Francisco Giants (4)

7. Yovani Gallardo – Milwaukee Brewers (4)

8. Zack Greinke – Milwaukee Brewers (4)

9. John Axford – Milwaukee Brewers (3)

10. Tim Lincecum – San Francisco Giants (3)

11. Madison Bumgarner – San Francisco Giants (2)

12. Craig Kimbrel – Atlanta Braves (2)

13. Tim Hudson – Atlanta Braves (2)

14. Matt Garza – Chicago Cubs (1)

15. Ryan Vogelsong – San Francisco Giants (1)

There is no question that Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher in the National League.  What is amazing is that Zack Greinke, Yovani Gallardo, and John Axford all received votes.  Now, I know what you are all thinking.  No it was not me…on all of them.  I did vote for Gallardo and certain mustachioed closer may, or may not, have found himself on my list.  So, it is nice to see our pitching staff getting some serious love.  Think about it this way, the Brewers have 3 of the Top 10 pitchers in baseball.  Boo-yeah.

My only grievance about this list is the 4 San Francisco Giants.  Yes they have some amazing arms, but Vogelsong is really the only one who won more than he lost.  Perhaps a little West Coast biase here, but I am not hatin’.  The best pitching staffs in the NL are getting their just due here.  Although, I see not one…single…Cardinals pitcher.  Damn it.

Brewers fans, I love you all.  I know how hard the past 24 hours have been, but I will keep your mind off of it for a few more days.  At that point though, we are going to have to talk this out.  So, be ont he lookout for more non-NLCS content until Wednesday.  Once the World Series starts, we will have to begin the healing process.

I will show you some more FanSided awards over the coming days.  Have a terrific Tuesday morning.  Check back this afternoon for something else to ease the pain.