Some things to read while dealing with the pain


Hello my friends.  It still hurts, huh?  Tell me about it.

The good news for you is that we are not really going to talk about it too much today.  In my opinion we have not had the opportunity to really heal enough to talk about our exit from the postseason.  Therefore, we will continue providing you solid content about other things relating to the Crew.

But first…

     Our friends over at Call to the Pen, are running a series about the teams that have been knocked from World Series contention.  The series is called “They Got In The Way”.  Justin Klugh reached out to me and asked me to write about our Brewers, he was very supportive.  His exact words to me were:

"I realize its most likely a sore subject at the moment, but because of the time crunch, I come to you now, asking for your participation.  If it makes you feel any better, I had to write the Phillies’ entry and boy that was… emotional."

His kindness made me realize that all sports fans feel disappointment.  In fact, only one fan base can truly rejoice in their season with complete and unhindered joy each season.  So, rather than writing a bitter, cry-baby article, I wrote this.  Please click on the link and read it.  I can’t promise that it will make you feel better, but it will maybe help you realize that it is not the end of the world. 

The Brewers gave us so much joy this year.  By getting wailed on early, it made it easier for me to accept reality and just enjoy watching them play baseball together one last time.

Now, all season “experts” have been giving us crap about how poor our minor league system is.  Here is a great article from our minor league experts over at Seedlings to StarsThis article gives you a full breakdown of Brewers reliever Frankie De La Cruz.  What is really amazing about this article is,  it tracks his pitch location.  You will no doubt notice that he favors one half of the plate quite a bit.  This article does give me some hope that he will be a nice full-time addition to our bullpen for 2012.  Obviously there are some things for him to work on, but I think Rick Kranitz is a terrific coach and he will get this kid firing on all cylinders. 

Adam Bernacchio over at the Daily Dish, provides us with some possible solutions to next seasons holes.  His article details first base, shortstop, second base, and two possible relievers within the Brewers price range.  While I do not necessarily agree with these, it does give us something to consider.

Tonight is Game 1 of the World Series.  Now I know that many of you will boycott it, but I encourage you to watch it.  It is the last chance you will have to watch baseball for a long time.  When your team is not in it, it is easy to just say “To Hell with it”.  As a lifelong baseball fan, I just can not do that.  I have pledged my allegiance to the Texas Rangers.  Not just because I hate the Cardinals, but because I think it is the Rangers time.  Plus Stacey Smith, the Editor for Nolan Writin’, writes some funny stuff.  Like this, her most recent article talks about how much Cliff Lee wishes he had stayed in Arlington. 

Take note Prince Fielder, the grass is not always greener…just saying.