Braun and Fielder each win Silver Slugger Awards


On Wednesday night, the MLB gave out the Silver Slugger Award.  This award is given to the top offensive player at each respective position.  Last year Ryan Braun and Yovani Gallardo each took one home.  This year it was the Beast Mode Brothers, Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder.

Ryan Braun won his fourth straight Silver Slugger award as a Left Fielder.  It is the first time in Brewers history that anyone has won the award in four consecutive years.  Braun is only the fourth NL outfielder to accomplish this feat.  This also gives Braun more Silver Slugger awards than any other Brewers in history, both Yount and Cooper won the award 3 times.  Braun won because his line was not of this planet; .332 with 33 home runs and 111 runs batted in, a .597 slugging percentage (NL Leader), .994 OPS and 77 extra-base hits.  No other left fielder was even playing in the same solar system as Braun did this season.  His bat was nothing short of legendary, both during the regular season and the post season.  Hopefully the next stop will be MVP.

Prince Fielder won his second Silver Slugger award, the other one came in his stellar 2007 season.  Fielder has always been able to hit the long ball, but this year he was able to work the count and improve his overall batting average.  His goal was to hit .300 this season, but he fell just a single point shy.  However, Prince’s season was equally as impressive as Braun’s; a .299 batting average, with 38 homers (2nd in NL) and 120 RBI (2nd) , 107 walks (2nd) and .415 on-base percentage (2nd), slugging percentage at .566 (3rd),  and 332 total bases (3rd).  It is going to be awfully hard to replace that kind of production.

Here are the other NL Silver Slugger Award Winners:

C: Brian McCann, Braves
1B: Prince Fielder, Brewers
2B: Brandon Phillips, Reds
3B: Aramis Ramirez, Cubs
SS: Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies
OF: Ryan Braun, Brewers
OF: Matt Kemp, Dodgers
OF: Justin Upton, Diamondbacks
P: Daniel Hudson, Diamondbacks
Check back later today.  I have so much Prince Fielder content, you may not be able to finish it all in one sitting.  The rest of this week is going to be Prince Fielder central, because these are the last few days were the Brewers have any sort of control over Fielder.  Therefore, you will get Prince Fielder nostalgia, Prince Fielder playoff letdown chatter, and Prince Fielder music (true story).