The Free Agent Shuttle Has Left Without the Brewers


For the first time this off-season, we saw some major action today.  The Phillies went out and overpaid Jonathan Papelbon (some ridiculous number like 4yrs/ $50 mil) and the Twins snuck up on everyone and signed veteran shortstop Jamey Carroll (2yrs/ $? mil).  With one veteran shortstop and bullpen arm off the board, it makes me wonder if this is going to force the hand of Brew City management.  As you well know, the Brewers two biggest needs at the moment are shortstop and bullpen. 

Granted, I did not expect the Brewers to make a run at Papelbon, but I did expect them to put out feelers on Carroll.  All of that aside, they are gone now and the Brewers need to get their S together and fast.

Jose Reyes and Albert Pujols have both met with the Marlins as of today.  This is both good and bad for the Brewers.  Good, because Albert could be out ofSt. Louis.  Bad, because if they both go there then everyone will have to worry about the Marlins again.  Why is it that every 6-9 years the Marlins re-emerge as title contenders?  Just ridiculous.  

Meanwhile, all seems fairly quiet on the Prince Fielder front.  Last time I heard anything about the big boy, he was Tebowing aroundEuropewith Dexter Fowler, Adam Jones, and Bobby Bonilla.  Yes, that is not a type-o, THE Bobby Bonilla.  So, unless Prince plans on playing baseball in Prague, not much seems to be going on for the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man (for the record, this is going to be my nickname for him, unless he comes back to Milwaukee).  Which, could really play into our favor come negotiation time.  Oh yeah, it also helps that Scott Boras got the shaft fromPhiladelphia.  They offered his client, Ryan Madson, a similarly ridiculous deal as the one they gave Papelbon, but then withdrew it because it was a verbal deal only.  If you do not think that rattled his confidence a little bit, guess again.  Suck on that Satan Boras…Scott Boras. 

If the Brewers are going to make some moves, they better get on it fast because clearly the free-agent market is not going to wait for them.  It would be nice to see them make some sort of move, or at least show some interest in a player.  Yes, I know they re-signed Erick Almonte, but I hardly see how that counts.  To be honest with you, I am getting sick and tired of all of the “rumored” interest the Brewers have in guys.  None of these rumors are even coming from Brewers personnel, so why are national media outlets reporting it?  Go read any Brewers publication, you will not find so much as a whisper about who the Brewers are targeting. 

So, if you are reading this wondering why I am not talking about all of the rumored Brewers targets, it’s because there are zero of them.  Unless I hear otherwise, I am going to assume that any rumor about the Brewers on ESPN is a fabricated lie.  Buster Olney can not help but Tweet the Brewers into every free-agent conversation and it is starting to piss me off.  Listen Olney, just because you think something is true, does not mean you can send it into the universe as a fact.  Listen to me Buster, how can the Brewers be a front-runner for Reyes when he has been in Miami this entire week?  If you can tell me how that is possible, then I will give your “reporting” the respect it is supposed to deserve.

The Brewers are not doing anything right now and I am mad as hell about it.  We have an NL Central title to defend and our management is kicking it in California developing a plan.  While they sit on wicker rocking chairs sipping NapaValley’s finest Merlot, free agents are flying off the shelf.  So please, put down the Cabernet and get to work.  Time is a wastin’ boys.