Aw, Shucks: Kotsay to Padres?


Say it ain’t so, Mark.

According to, the Brewers’ and the Padres’ official sites, Mark Kotsay is going back to one of his seven Major League homes.

No one is saying anything officially official yet, as I assume he needs to complete a physical and they need something to talk about in Milwaukee during the General Manager meetings. But for all intents and purposes, it is safe to assume that Kotsay will be playing in PetCo Park next year.

For $1.25 Million.

Yes, the 14-year veteran apparently has a little bit of fuel left in the tank, and used just enough of that fuel to impress the folks down in San Diego to raise the market value on Milwaukee’s utility outfielder. Last season, Kotsay hit .270 with three homers and 31 runs batted in, coming largely off the bench. Though we did like to poke fun at his age and he has lost a step (or five) in the outfield, I think he’ll be a good fit for the Padres.

He will likely be used off the bench, like in Milwaukee, and he should get a lot more pinch hit appearances for his alleged new club. He’s a career .305 pinch hitter, and his average coming off the bench in ’11 was .292. This is definitely Kotsay’s wheelhouse and I doubt he’s being signed on for anything more than extra lumber in the dugout. San Diego needs the extra offense and they aren’t exactly flowing with cash, so this was a good inexpensive option for their club.

Whatever the case may be, we wish him all the best in San Diego.