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Brewers Apply “Addition by Subtraction” Technique


Let me start with this:

GOODBYE Mark Kotsay!!!  I am not sad to see you go.  When the team initially signed you, my brain cells slowly started punching themselves in the face until death set in.  The truth is, I never gave you a chance…and for good reason.  This season was your 5th straight with a negative WAR (Wins above replacement).  Which means you were a liability on every team you have played for since G.W. Bush was in office.  It kills me inside that you struck out to end this magical season.  If there is one thing I will always remember about Mark Kotsay, it will be the moment you stepped to the plate in Game 6 of the NLCS.  That was the only moment that I turned the TV to something else during the entire playoffs.  I knew you would strike out to end the season, I KNEW IT!!!!  Enjoy San Diego, where your lack of skills will probably go unnoticed.  No one in Milwaukee will miss you, or your amazing play in center field. 

Wow, that felt good.  What were we talking about?  Oh that’s right.

Today the Brewers improved the team in free agency, by doing nothing more than refusing to sign Counsell and letting Kotsay sign with the Padres.  Today the Brewers announced that they would not be offering Wisconsin native, Craig Counsell, a contract for the 2012 season.  While almost simultaneously, Mark Kotsay signed a deal with the Padres.  What a day.

This is what I like to call “The Addition by Subtraction Technique”.  The team just got better by allowing two liabilities to walk away from the team.  In my opinion, this team is prepped for World Series glory!!

Maybe I am jumping the gun a little bit, but these were the right decisions to make.  Both Kotsay and Counsell had negative WAR’s, which means they cost the team potential victories by their play over the course of the 2011 season.  How do you win more games?  Eliminate losses and liabilities.  Craig and Mark were huge liabilities that did not deserve a spot on this roster.

So, while the Brewers did not make any acquisitions, they did make some moves today.  Melvin and Attanasio also sat down with the Anti-Christ, Scott Boras, but did not exchange numbers or agree to talk again in the future.  What does that mean?  I certainly don’t know, but I would assume that is the opposite of good.  Beelzebub and Prince have a meeting with the Cubs a little later on this week.

We heard a little more about the Rafael Furcal and Aramis Ramirez meeting Melvin had yesterday.  It sounds to me like Roenicke wants Furcal, Melvin wants Ramirez, but Attanasio does not want to pay for either of them.  The End.  

For anyone who hates what I wrote about yesterday, GM Doug Melvin will meet with the agent for Clint Barmes later this week.  So, maybe there is still hope to avoid another Yuni sighting in Miller Park.