Brewers Peralta #50 in Seedlings to Stars Top 100 Prospects


Another Brewers has made it on to this elite list.  Which leads me to once again ponder, is the Brewers farm system really that bad?  Wily Peralta is a 22 year old pitcher who quickly flew through the minor leagues this past season.  Peralta is a player that we should all get to know, because he will be on this roster at some point this season…as long as he keeps on doing what he has been doing.

Nathaniel Stoltz has been showing the Brewers farm system some major love lately.  In his article, he talks about what makes Peralta so dangerous.  Primarily, his fastball and slider.  Like most pitchers with that combo, he throws a lot of ground balls and makes a lot of bats miss.  Nathaniel compares him to Ervin Santana and Mariners rookie All-Star Michael Pineda.  That is pretty good company.  I would certainly like to have one of those guys on our team.

Peralta is a pretty big kid, 6’2″ and 240lbs.  If there is one thing we know about pitchers with bigger builds, they can pitch a lot of innings.  Wily is no different, the S2S article also points out that he chewed 150 innings between Double-A and Triple-A.  Once he finished that up, he went straight to play in the Dominican Winter League.  Stoltz makes the kid sound like a dream come true.

Short Term: Next year Peralta could find himself in the bullpen, probably in long relief.  Talent like that can not be kept at bay for long.  However, he might also work as a serviceable set-up man.  The kid is not going to be K-Rod, but from what I understand, getting ground balls and strikeouts is a good thing for a set-up man to do.  That job could fall right into his lap, if he can handle the pressure.  His career minor league ERA is 3.78, so he does not give up a lot of runs.  Plus it would spare another bullpen pitcher on the payroll.

Long Term:  Should the Brewers re-sign Greinke and Marcum, Peralta could very easily be the 4th or 5th starter in the rotation once 2013 rolls around.  The Brewers will be defending their World Series title, sans Randy Wolf who will be a free agent and very old.  Wily Peralta might be the man to fill those moth ball wreaking shoes.  Chris Narveson is not a sure thing in 2013 either, he will be arbitration eligible at the end of next season.  If Slick Wily (that nickname sucks, please do better for me) can continue to cruise, he will be in the back end of the rotation in 2 years time.

Nathaniel Stoltz did a great job giving us a look into the future…and I dig it.  Every time I read one of these Seedlings to Stars articles I get all excited about the future.  Although, I fear that this may be the last Brewers prospect to make this list, but we had a good run.  Thank you to all the guys at S2S for teaching us a little bit more about our future Brewskies.