Aramis Ramirez wants to be a Brewer


Former Cubs 3rd baseman, and 2 time All-Star, Aramis Ramirez has informed Doug Melvin that he wants to be a Brewer.  When Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Tom Haudricort spoke with Melvin today, this is what the boss had to say about Ramirez:

"“He has expressed interest in us, too. That’s something I always like to hear.”"

It is always nice to be wanted, but in this situation the real question is: Do the Brewers want Aramis Ramirez?

In that same conversation with Haudricort, Melvin said that he only has one solid offer out at the moment.  Dougy confirmed that the Brewers have made an offer for journeyman and all around awesome dude, Jerry Hairston Jr.  While I would love to have JHJ back, I hope that it does not put blinders up to Ramirez as a serious acquisition.  He may be getting a little bit older, but he has been a solid run producer for almost 10 years.  Aramis is the type of guy the Brewers HAVE to get.

Having Aramis Ramirez on the roster would improve the Brewers.  Imagine a 3rd baseman, who can bat clean-up, and provide some protection for reigning NL MVP Ryan Braun. Remember that guy we used to have batting 4th, he is gone now.  Rickie Weeks is the next best option at clean-up.  It makes this deal seem very appealing doesn’t it?  Ramirez is still a 25 homer a season type hitter and his glove is no better or worse than Casey McGehee or JHJ’s.

I do not feel as if I have to convince you that Ramirez would be a great addition to this team any more…or do I?

The loss of Prince Fielder will be devastating, but having Ramirez, I believe, will help ease the pain.  If Melvin and Co. are smart enough to sign Ramirez, the Brewers offense will see little to no dip in offensive production.  Please see below:

A.R. 162 Game Season Avg:   .284 BA, 30 HR, 108 RBI, 36 doubles, 172 hits, and a .342 OBP

P.F. 162 Game Season Avg:    .282 BA, 37 HR, 106 RBI, 32 doubles, 162 hits, and a .390 OBP

That sure sounds like a sturdy solution to a very fluffy problem.

We also need to consider that Ramirez is only looking for a 3-year deal.  In the current state of baseball, a contract is only a piece of paper.  That 3-years could be down-sized a season or so if need be.  My guess is that money is the bigger issue.  Ramirez made $14 million last season, but I would expect his asking price may be less.

So, why are the Brewers being so ho-hum about it?  Our team is acting like a woman (Sorry mom, wife, Boots, Lynda).  The guy is giving us pretty clear signals, but we are playing hard to get.  I never understood it in High School and I do not understand it now.  What kind of tactic is this?  We have some money, let’s pay the man.  Maybe pump it up with some performance incentives or something.  Is it because he was a Cub?  Does the organization really think that JHJ and McGehee platooning is going to  give is the offensive production we need to make a World Series run?

These are all questions I would like to ask Uncle Mark and Aunt Doug.  The guy wants to be here, all the Cubs players talk about how great he is in the clubhouse, and he is a pretty good ball player.  What are you guys waiting for?  Draw up the documents, bust out your finest Monte Blanc pen and get the ink on, what I assume is, very classy paper.  Possibly in the style of the Bill of Rights, circa today.

I would be very pleased with the signing, obviously.  What do you think?  Do you all think this is a good fit?  Do you hate him because of the all the pain he has caused us over the past half-decade?  Will he hate Time-Warner Cable as much as you do?