WM’S Day 1: Brewers Lose Hairston


I am going to say this one time, then never discuss it again…we lost a bidding war with a bankrupt team.

Today, Jerry Hairston Jr. signed a 2-year contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles.  Hairston was an integral part of the Brewers success in 2011.  When they brought him in, I was not sure what we were getting.  It was impressive to watch him slowly take playing time away from Casey McGehee, until McGehee found himself on the bench in late September.  I really wanted JHJ back in 2012, but apparently the 2 years and $6 million dollars was too much.  What a way to start…THE WINTER MEETINGS!!!!

None of us really expected them to be overly active this off-season, but now they have spoiled us.  It seems like the Brewers always make at least one surprise move.  This season, they seem perfectly fine to…well, let free agency come to them.  I’ve already shared with all of you the desire of Aramis Ramirez to play in Brew City.  Yet, the Brewers are cool to just let him go around chatting it up with other suitors.  This is not the Bachelor, no matter how bad you want it to be gentlemen.

Word on the street is that Jimmy Rollins did not enjoy his meeting with the Phillies earlier today.  What does that mean to you?  Well, there are no shortstops available any more.  That ship has sailed, except for Rollins.  Please see this amazing graphic that was sent to me by our friend Eric Pleiss (Eric is JHJ’s #1 fan).  Now, Eric did not make this graph, but he knows what we like here at RtB.  Thank you Beyond the Box Score  and more specifically David Fung for showing us some amazing combinations to try and “replace” Fielder.  Jimmy Rollins would be a major upgrade for this team, on more than one level.  I hope the Brewers at least pick up the phone and make a call to Jimmy’s agent.

Later in the evening the Brewers had a meeting with Octavio Dotel‘s agent.  If nothing else, at least he won’t have the opportunity to strike out Ryan Braun this season.  I like that they are exploring him as a bullpen possibility, but I do not want to get my hopes up yet.  It is only day one of the Winter Meetings.  Please just make him an offer.  He is a good player and would be a very nice addition.  Don’t JHJ this and let him go talk to other teams.

As for Prince Fielder, who the h— knows.  A certain ESPN reporter, who is pathetic and shall remain nameless, has changed his mind on the subject at least 10 times today.  Let’s all agree that none of us know and we just have to be patient and see what happens.  Only keeping in mind that Fielder was offered arbitration and has the option to accept that if he wants.  Aside from that, it is not happening.

I will be on top of all the activity this week.  At the end of the day I will let you know what is going on.  Not all over the league, but at least as it pertains to the only team that matters, your Milwaukee Brewers.