Brewers Made 1 Year Offer to Fielder?


According to Bill Shaikin of the L.A. Times, the Brewers recently invited Prince Fielder to return for one season.  The logic behind this is very simple, the Dodgers need a 1st baseman, but are in the midst of some ugly management related business.  Once the Dodgers are sold, the odds are good that thenew owners will have money to burn.  If Prince came back and played for the Crew for one more season, then he could sign with the Dodgers next off-season.  The problem is, Scott Boras reportedly is not interested in such notions.  I guess my only question is, why? 

Let me start by saying, I would like to know where this information came from?  How did you come by this information sir?

I just recently started following Mr. Shaikin on Twitter.  Thought it would be good to follow the L.A. Times Dodgers reporter.  Looking at this now, I hope we do not have an ESPN…making up news…situation.  Something tells me that the Times has a more ethical code to live by than the “Worldwide leader in sports”.  But enough about that.

Should there be any truth to this, Scott Boras is an idiot.

It is becoming abundantly clear, that Mr. Boras is no closer to getting Prince a contract than I am to walking on Mars.  Every team that had been rumored to be in the mix, seems to have dropped out over the past few weeks.  Aside from the Washington Nationals, what other team is still looking at Fielder as a real option?  I will tell you, maybe one other team that happens to be in my backyard (Seattle).  Unless this report is correct, in which case…two teams are interested.  Either way, I still think Boras is a complete idiot.

Listen Scott, you basically priced yourself out of your own market.  Who does that?  If you can find some way to get the Nationals to overpay for Fielder, just one season removed from the financial burden we call Jayson Werth, you are a bad man.  Unless your goal is to be the death of a sports franchise.  When I think about it, what else is there for you to accomplish you greedy turd.  Maybe being the primary cause of a franchises destruction is the last thing on your bucket list, I don’t know.  If it is, then carry on solider. 

The truth is, the Brewers option is not so absurd that you should turn your nose up at it you feather duster.  How much more money can you get for your client if he wins a World Series Title, or even better…World Series MVP?  Then, you can wring every last cent out of  the new Dodgers ownership group next winter.

Everyone wins in this scenario, so I do not see where the problem is.  Boras, you are so blind to the bigger picture.  You value players higher than any person on this planet.  Maybe that is why you are so good at your job.  If you are trying to get Fielder, Albert Pujols money (which is the rumor), then you are going to have a client without a team come Spring Training.  The well has run dry my friend and the Brewers are giving you an out.  A beautiful, elegant, sophisticated out.  Then when your plan comes to pass, you can sit back take a sip of your  Saint Magdalene 19 year old single malt scotch and mutter to yourself, “Damn it, I am the greatest who has ever lived”.

Look, I know it is very foolish to think that Prince could come back, but as long as he is not playing somewhere else…I can dream.

In news not related to Prince Fielder, Manny Parra signed his contract today and is the 3rd Brewer to avoid arbitration.  That leaves Nyjer Morgan, Shaun Marcum, Kameron Loe, and Jose Veras as the only players left without contracts.  The Brewers have an amazing track record of signing players pre-arbitration, so no need to worry.  Marcum will be the most expensive contract, probably in the $6-7M range. 

That’s all I’ve got for you today.  Happy Friday everyone.