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Tony Plush Avoids Arbitration, Since Nyjer Morgan Signs Contract


The Milwaukee Brewers 2011 NLDS hero, and local mythical being, Nyjer Morgan signed a one-year deal today for an estimated $2.35 million.  By putting ink to paper, we get another season of all our favorite cartoon pals. 

Initially a deal was slowed by Morgan’s insistence that Tony Plush, Tony Tombstone, and Tony Gumbo all receive an equal share.  The Brewers and Morgan agreed that Nyjer would be responsible for paying each of his personalities.  It is Brewers corporate policy to not issue checks to people who do not exist.  I am sure that T-Plush understands.

The $2.35 M contract is a well deserved pay raise.  Last season Morgan made $471,500…so this is like 4 times that.  If this year I made 4 times as much as I made last year, I would never be sad.  Congrats T-Plush, you earned that contract.  In my book you are worth ever penny.

Last season Nyjer Morgan played in 119 games for the Brewers, batting .304 with four home runs and 37 RBIs.  We acquired him in a trade with the Washington Nationals before the start of the 2011 season.  Morgan eventually won Game 5 of the NLDS in the 10th inning, with a slapper back up the middle.  It was one of the greatest moments in the history of this franchise…did you forget.  Good news…I have the clip:

From one Brewers fan to another, I am thrilled that Nyjer is back.  There is just something about the guy that is so contagious.  Now, I am fully aware that this could go both ways.  Last year was a nice honeymoon, but the key to a successful marriage is being able to put up with each other when you are each at your worst.  As much as I love T-Plush, his worst is a lot to handle.  If he can find the same spark that he had last year, I think everything will be just fine. 

Aoki Watch 2012

– Today GM Doug Melvin said that he believed negotiations would go down to the wire (4pm tomorrow).  That also happens to be the deadline for the 4 remaining Brewers without contracts for 2012.  Those players are (in no particular order…certainly not the order of least hated to most hated) Shaun Marcum, Kameron Loe, Jose Veras, and Francisco Rodriguez.  Guess which one is most likely to not have a contract tomorrow?  K-Rod is going to piss me off all season long.  So, get used to it. 

 Special thanks to jimanderson1972 from YouTube.  That video is PERFECT!!