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Ryan Braun and the $100 Million Dollar Men


On Saturday night, Ryan Braun will appear at the NYC Hilton to accept his 2011 NL MVP Award.  This event marks Brauns first real “public” appearance, since news broke in December that he had failed a test for performance enhancing drugs.  Failed tests result in 50-game suspensions, which Braun will be appealing…soon…I think.  I am not aware of an exact date or time for the hearing, but I assume it has not taken place yet, otherwise Outside the Lines would have already had the full courtroom transcript ready for viewing. 

On behalf of myself and probably most Brewers fans, I support Brauny’s decision.  If he is telling the truth, and has nothing to hide, then he should accept his award.  The only people who think he shouldn’t are Dodgers fans and Yankees writers.  Now there are some rumors out there about why Braun may have possibly accidentally tested positive for massive amounts of testosterone.  I do not even want to dignify those with my acknowledgement.  We deserve to hear from Braun himself.

Saturday will provide Ryan an opportunity to put all of us at ease.  Best way to do that?  Tell the truth.  Either way.  No matter what it is.  Life happens and people make mistakes.  If you took some jazz you knew was wrong, just say so.  We are at a point in society where lying will just get you in deeper and deeper holes.  Do not make a Rafael Palmero out of yourself.  Come clean, whether you are innocent or guilty.  Prove your innocence.  You have my support.  As the face of the team I love so well, I will stand by you no matter what.  Just don’t f-ing lie to me Ryan.

In my heart, I believe that Braun is innocent.  I can not wait to watch him accept that award.  It is a day that I have thought about since October and hope will happen again next January.  A Milwaukee Brewer…winning the MVP.  I’m going to enjoy the s out of that.  Steroids or no steroids.

We Can Re-Build Him…Them

According to a report from Tom Haudricourt, of the Journal Sentinel, GM Doug Melvin believes that the Brewers 2012 payroll will exceed $100 million dollars this season.  That should be surprising, but it isn’t.  Welcome to the 2000’s Milwaukee Brewers baseball. 

You have a roster that includes Cy Young winning pitchers, League MVP’s, and a small stable of All-Stars.  The fact that this is the first time in franchise history the payroll has exceeded that magic number, is really exciting.  Most competitive baseball teams in the game today, have high payrolls.  If you want to win, you have to be willing to spend money.  There is an old saying: “You gotta spend money, to make money”.

If Melvin is surprised by this, he shouldn’t be.  Truth is, it better be higher next year.  Otherwise, I can guarantee some attendance issues in the Brewers future.  They need to go out and sign Greinke and Marcum to either an extension, or to a sparkly new contract.  John Axford needs a new deal, especially if he performs in the early part of 2012.  What happens if Mat Gamel FINALLY lives up to the minor league numbers?  Then you have another slugging first baseman on your hands.  When does the madness end?!?!?!

The Brewers NEED to get used to spending money.  You do not have to spend Yankees money to win a World Series, that fact has been proven almost every season since Y2K.  However, you need to be able to have talent on your team because talent attracts other talent.  Aramis Ramirez is a prime example.  He sought out Brewers management and said, “I want to play for your organization and you can defer most of my pay until later in the contract”.  If you are a crappy team, you do not have those opportunities. 

It’s a two way street though.  If the team wins, then you make more money.  Baseball is nothing but investments.  In order to get a big return, you generally have to make a large investment.  No one gets rich buying one share of anything.  So, allow yourself to afford a bigger salary allowance.  Treat yourself and your fans.  Keep spending that money boys.